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buckstone: IL-2
I don't want to tell you where this one came from...suffice it to say, I cleaned it off real good before it reached your PM! ;-D
Someone here has a Free Space without using <span class="bold">2</span> me? I'm feeling a bit claustrophobic here... ;p

Well, I also wouldn't mind a new <span class="bold">Suit</span>, preferably a casual one...


...Oh God, I can't help..
Today I'll post a bigger and assorted list, I'm sorry about that... but if you can look at it fondly, I'll be grateful..
..if not I'll love you the same, and yet grateful. Don't worry. ;p

Freespace 2 (not on daily deal.. wtf GOG? :/)
Leisure Suit Larry (again, not daily deal ¬¬')
Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project
Heroes of Might and Magic® 4: Complete
Heroes of Might and Magic® 5: Bundle
Theme Hospital
Sword of the Stars: The Pit
Book Of Unwritten Tales: The Critter Chronicles, The
Pharaoh + Cleopatra
Legacy of Kain: Defiance
Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen 2

Thank you kindly
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IL-2 please?
thank you very much KOCollins..........
buckstone: thank you very much KOCollins..........
....It still smells doesn't it? :(
EDIT: :*(
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If anyone has a spare copy of Edna and Harvey, I'd be more than happy to take it off your hands.
SpiderFromMars: Strike Commander
KOCollins: Check PM and take out a bogey for me.
Thanks a lot! :)
My wishlist - Fallout 2
Thanks in advance
edit: what a sale woow thank you GOG
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Asbeau: ... Baldur's Gate...
K_1269: Check your PM ;)
Thank you very much for Baldur's Gate, K_1269, you are as always a true gentleman and a pillar of the community =)
I posted my wishlist 24 hours ago . Am i allowed to repost it ?
agylardi: Caesar 3
KOCollins: I had to hock a big loogie and this gem popped out into your PM. Sorry! ;-P
Wow. Really. Thank you very much KOCollins ! :)
Last time, and I'm gone :P

Great battles or Gangland. Thanks a lot in advance!
I'm interested in The Ball or Unmechanical.
ARMA 2 will be a good addition to my collection too ;P
I'm prolly not the best person to gift (I recived just yesterday Miasmata, thx again samlii), but if some1 have spare key for smt from RPG Open Worlds bundle, Driftmoon or Hotline Miami I can give it a good home :P