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Shock to the System! (If you don't get it, I want to get System Shock 2.)
Post edited February 20, 2013 by dovahcore
My wishlist:

Another World
Mob Rule
Empire Earth (any version)
Myst (any version)
Dungeon Keeper 2
Duke Nuken: Manhattan Project
Theme Hospital

My e-mail: bernardo DOT hit AT gmail DOT com

Ultima Underworld 1+2

I'd really appreciate it!
Always wanted to try the Leisure Suit Larry games, if someone was feeling generous
With Retro City Rampage being today's Gem Promo, I would love to have a nostalgic overflow of references and gameplay. Thank you in advance to anyone seeing this!
The top two games that I want are System Shock 2 and Leisure Suit Larry 7, with SS2 taking much priority over LSL7 cause I have a retail copy of that game at my house somewhere. I'd really appreciate a gift, but will also be willing to trade, I'd trade with a steam game of your choice of equal or lesser value.
Anyone willing to gift me SimCity 2000 or Alpha Centauri? I have both games actually but I never got the expansion to AC so I want to see what I'm missing. I recently got a free laptop and I do want to play some classic games on it. Only problem is I am unable to use my CC and Paypal at this time (long story) so there's no way for me to buy it unless I get a prepaid credit card or something else. I'm quite wary of using one though as I've never used one before. With all the fees and stuff associated with them, I am beginning to wonder if it's worth the hassle at all.

Really want these games though :(
Any of The Witcher games would be awesome to have. Really want to try them out.
Is there anyone who is willing to gift me System Shock 2? I will be able to gift any steam game that is of equal or little bit greater value. I would buy SS2 myself but my credit card doesn't work with the website and it makes me upset since SS2 was my favorite game when it first came out.

I would really want that game, and I might pay for an almost $20 game for it on steam. So please help. :(
The only game in my wishlist is System Shock... Just saying... (I hope this doesn't qualify as begging)
If anyone has a spare copy of this I'll give it a home
I would love to get on the System Shock 2 train too :)

In the meantime, who wants Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb on steam?
Arthandas: I would love to get on the System Shock 2 train too :)

In the meantime, who wants Binding of Isaac + Wrath of the Lamb on steam?
can i get thats sir?? .. i want that games ..
thanks in advance n sorry my bad english :)
Post edited February 22, 2013 by nickotine
Yup, check your PM :)
Post edited February 22, 2013 by Arthandas
Arthandas: Yup, check your PM :)
thank u very much sir ..
already redeem