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I would greatly appeciate Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, now that EA games are 60% off.
For anyone feeling generous, I'd like to have:

Lionheart: Legacy of the Crusader (any leftover keys from previous Interplay's PYWY?)
Fallout Tactics (same as above)
Any Lands of Lore™ games (current promo)
Any Wing Commander™ games (current promo)
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Just my promo wishlist

- Theme Hospital
- Sim City 2000
- -----Syndicate----- Gifted by iainme, Thank You!
- Magic Carpet

Thx for reading ^^
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Bump bump ump pump
Hopeful repost:

OMG an amazing promo. I feel I have to ask for these as I really don't want to miss them being on promo. I really, really want:

Any of the Wing Commander games

I have very fond memories of playing the first Wing Commander with my dad on his Amiga when i was a young child. I even cried at the 21-gun salute cutscene when your character died lol. I played the later ones on the PS1 and loved them aswell, with the live action cutscenes, I was fascinated. I would love to play them again. I will jump for joy if anyone gifted me any of these. :)
If anybody's feeling generous, there's some stuff I want from the promo, in order:

-Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri
-Dungeon Keeper 2
- Dungeon Keeper
-Ultima 8
-Lands of Lore 1+2
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Games that I am after at the moment :

Ultima Underworld - Missed it during sale
Dark Reign 2
Ghost Recon

Thanks to a great community :)
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Top priority on the wishlist right now:

Medal of Honor: Allied Assault
Ghost Recon
I hope that third time's the charm on this game.

I would really like to try my hands on virtual hospital management, so if anyone's feeling generous, I really would like Theme Hospital, since it's on promo (again).

Thank you for reading! :)
I got impatient and gifted Wing Commander 3 and Privateer to myself :<

The Ultima series is still on my list from this weekend's promo. Underworld and 7 in particular.
Wishlist updated.
I'd really appreciate it if someone could gift me one of the following off my wishlist!

-Bioforge *
-Another World *
-Phantasmagoria *
-Realms of the Haunting
-In Cold Blood
-Wing Commander 4
-Spycraft: The Great Game
-Personal Nightmare
-Urban Chaos
-Hitman Codename 47

*=Top Choices.
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