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Licurg: If anybody's feeling generous, there's some stuff I want from the promo:
-Ultima 7
K_1269: Check your PM.
Yay ! :D
Alpha centauri and Theme Hospital.

Thank you.
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My wishlist from the current promo:
Dungeon Keeper 1&2 (I have never played more than demo)
Lands of Lore 3
thank you K_1269 :) +1 for your generosity :)
Antimateria: Hopefully you didn't get much those Dragon passes, 'cos I send you one.
Thanks Anti! I'm all sorted for the weekend now! :)
I'm missing Dungeon Keeper™ and Ultima IX in my collection. If you happen to have some spare funds, I would really appreciate gifting one of them.

Thanks in advance and have a nice day! :)
I'd appreciate Fallout Tactics. Perhaps someone has a spare code for it? Thanks in advance.
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If someone wants to gift something, the games I'm interested from the recent promo are:

· Dungeon Keeper
· Dungeon Keeper 2

Antimateria: Hopefully you didn't get much those Dragon passes, 'cos I send you one.
nmillar: Thanks Anti! I'm all sorted for the weekend now! :)
it worked and such..? better so cos I bought it begause of you. =P Anyway take it easy.
(Thanks adambiser for the tip about not including my e-mail!)

With the surprising weekend promo, my wishlist grows slightly!
I would be forever grateful if I received a code(s) for:

SimCity 2000: Special Edition
Ultima VII: Complete Edition
Nox (although this one is so necessary I'll probably just buy it myself!)

Thanks much.
Only one game in the current promo I have my eyes on, if anyone would be kind enough, I'd really enjoy giving Crusader: No Regret a home!
EDIT: K_1269 kindly gifted me the games. Thank you very much, I really appreciate your generosity, my friend! :)

These two games of the current EA promo would complete my cherished collection of Wing Commander titles:

Wing Commander 3 Heart of the Tiger
Wing Commander: Privateer

Thanks in advance to any kind soul who grant me this wish. :)
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I have a key to divine divinity and beyond divinity will give the key to get both games for stronghold hd you can pm me or send me a message.
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If someone feels generous, I would like Syndicate or Alpha Centauri. A lot of thanks :D