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Reposting if you please. :)

Well, another week, another great GOG promo. As I can't afford them right now and I love point n' clicks, I feel I have to ask for the following:

Any of the Police Quest games
Any of the King's Quest games
Any of the Space Quest games
Any of the Gabriel Knight games
Quest for Glory 1-5
Dark Reign (I know it's an RTS :))

If I'm gifted any of these, I'll pay it forward by doing a few giveaways as soon as I'm able. I just don't have the money at the moment.
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Because it got buried already:

Zork Nemesis: The Forbidden Lands would be greatly appreciated.
Last time I didn't ask properly, so once again:

I would be honored to accept King's Quest 4+5+6 from any kind spirit out there. I know I received many gifts before, so pick me only if you really want to.

Thanks! :-)
I was just gifted Quest for Glory 1-5 by the amazing K_1269. I'm so excited to play them, I can hardly type. Massive thanks again K_1269. :)
I would really appreciate if someone gift me Gabriel Knight 2:The Beast Within or Phantasmagoria

Contact me by PM
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My humble list of wishes :



Finding out VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE - REDEMPTION in my inbox would be super-awesome.
I'd love to get Retro City Rampage on the 9th. Please?
If any one is feeling generous

Caesar 3
Pharaoh + Cleopatra

will be exactly my bamboo :P
Thanks in advance
Just Simply Blood Omen 2
I'd be thankful of Zeus + Poseidon. ^^

Please, someone?
Stooner: I don't know if I should do this (and probably shouldn't...)...
Anyway ;p, if someone's feeling like spending with somebody else,
Could he drop a code for the newly released La-Mulana on my way?

I would love to play the hell out of it...
And I will love you forever (I'll even cook for you...)
Stooner: Also, I shouldn't be quoting that, but I can't help but insist in La-Mulana...
I'm even adding an offer for babysitting your child (or mow your lawn, if you don't have child...)
I really shouldn't be quoting this (again)... it's stronger than me... ;p
La-Mulana would make me very, very happy.....

(I can also walk your dogs... )

By now, I'll take me for a walk.....
If someone is feeling really generous, I'd love one of the games off of the current promo! :)

Police Quest SWAT 1+2
Phantasmagoria 1 or 2
Gabriel Knight 2: The Beast Within

Thank you in advance! :3