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One last repost for the Thief games... :(

Well, here's another 60% off promo for games that I want but can't afford to buy...

Ok, a cousin of mine has been talking to me about the Thief games for years, he loves them. After all of his praise of the games over the years, I've always wanted to play them but over have.

Therefore, I'm here asking if anyone would be kind enough to gift me any of the Thief games. Then I can finally play them myself and finally, have an actual 2-way conversation about them with my cousin lol. I would be extremely grateful, and I'm sure my cousin will be grateful too. :)
Could someone please gift me either Tomb Raider 1+2+3, Tomb Raider Last Revelation+Chronicles, or Thief 2? I really want to play them but I'm flat broke. It'd mean a lot.

-Hitman 2: Silent Assassin
-Deus Ex GOTY Edition
Abbreviated wishlist, aka Most Wanted:

Soul Reaver 2
Deus Ex: GOTY

Thank you to anyone wanting to help out! :)
Still trying to limit my entertainment budget after the summer over-spending, but Anachronox from this promo tempted me. Would be happy to receive it if any one is feeling generous.
Segelbranth09: As my birthday is this Monday (1 october) Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver from my wishlist would be a great gift if anybody feels like it!
Happy birthday :) check pm
What's a "Darth Laser" without a spaceship? Yes, nothing.

So if anyone is feeling generous, I would be very grateful if somebody gifted me

Wing Commander 1+2

BTW: Did anyone miss the recent survey and needs Realms Of Arkania 1+2?
Ian: Happy birthday :) check pm
Thanks man! :D
I remember not getting far into it on the PS1 when my system broke down

If anyone could gift me the first Soul reaver game it would be greatly appreciated, I'd love to actually get into this series now
Soul Reaver
Deus Ex GOTY

Urban Chaos
King of Dragon Pass
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Nothing to see here, move along. :)
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Scratch my last request, I get paid at 10 PM tonight, I can buy it for myself.
If anyone would be so kind, I'd love to play any of the games from The Legacy of Kain series :)
If the promo is still on any game from the Hitman series would be appreciated. :)

M&M 6 Pack
Freespace 2
Icewind Dale Complete
Ultima 7
Dungeon Kepper 2
Project I.G.I 2
My wishlist if anybody is generous I would appreciate one of these a lot
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