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benderz: Conflict Desert Storm would be awesome :-D
K_1269: Check your PM.
What a very good surprise! Thanks K_1269, it's so nice of you!
Update cuz of curret promo :S

Carmageddon Max Pack
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If someone's feeling generous, I'd be interested in giving Deus Ex Invisible War another try.
I'd really appreciate it if someone could please gift me one of the following :)

Thief 2
Hitman Codename 47
Deus Ex GOTY
Tomb Raider 1+2+3
Tomb Raider Chronicles + Last Revelation

Thank you in advance, once again I'd really appreciate it! :)
My discontinued GOG games wishlist:

Colin McRae Rally 2005
Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising
Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
Republic: The Revolution
TOCA Race Driver 3

In the unlikely event that you still have a gift code for one of the above, I would be exceedingly grateful if you could send it my way.
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Blood Omen 2 is what can cure me of my Humanity
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I'd really appreciate it if I could get one of these:

Thief 2: The Metal Age
Thief 3: Deadly Shadows

I spent my (small) gaming budget on Humble Indie Bundle 6.
I can offer my Realms of Arkania 1+2 code. Thanks either way!
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Id be very happy with Crusader: No regret.
I didn't want to this, but here's my wishlist containg Legacy of Kain Defiance

Otherwise please check this
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Reever: Sorry if this isn´t really relevant, is there some other thread which is about promos or something?
K_1269: You can look in the Gaming deals thread:
Another option might be the cassifieds:
Hope this helps you and welcome to the gog comunity :)
Thank you and thank you! I´ll take a look :)
Oh my, most of the games on promo this weekend is on my wishlist. So for anyone with spare codes for any of these games, I would really appreciate it: :D

Deus Ex™ GOTY Edition
Thief™ 3: Deadly Shadows

Onegai shimasu! ^_^

edit: Already bought all of them myself. ;)
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can anyone help me out with a hitman 1?
Reposting again because I'm in dire need.

Well, here's another 60% off promo for games that I want but can't afford to buy...

Ok, a cousin of mine has been talking to me about the Thief games for years, he loves them. After all of his praise of the games over the years, I've always wanted to play them but over have.

Therefore, I'm here asking if anyone would be kind enough to gift me any of the Thief games. Then I can finally play them myself and finally, have an actual 2-way conversation about them with my cousin lol. I would be extremely grateful, and I'm sure my cousin will be grateful too. :)
Ugh kicking myself for not getting Planescape: Torment and the Baldur's Gate games last week. I've never played them and they seem really interesting. (Even to a non DnD player like myself. I got through KoToR, right?)

And Arcanum seems pretty neat.

So, that's my wishlist.

Hope everyone has a pleasant day!
gameon: By the way, Anachronox is a cool game,
Did you finish it? I am afraid to play it in case it suffers the same fate like Silver (you know, bugs).