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I'd still like for any of you with "connections" to go tell GOG to finally release Dawn of War. :P
Going out on a bit of a limb here, but does anyone happen have a copy of The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky? I'd really like to collect all of Falcom's games on GOG so I can add them to my DRM-free backups, as I'm a big fan of their games!

If you don't have that one, any of Falcom's games aside from Ys I + II (the only ones I have on GOG) would be awesome as well!
If anyone is feeling generous, I am really interested in either getting Star Trek Voyager Elite Force or Prince Of Persia Warrior Within.
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Hard West II is on good sale right now. =)
holy macaroni!
both Baldr Sky and Chaos;Head are discounted at the moment.
I'd be happy to receive either of them as a gift from some generous goglodyte.
May I suggest something, people? OK it's not bad to request to be gifted a game from an unknown person, for any one reason (I may be forced to do it too), but is it possible to ask for cheaper games? I mean, think about it: 1) "For any reason, I can't buy anything these days. So why should I play the hottest/more expensive stuff that GOG sells? Why not settle with something cheaper/not modern? Have I played all else and only the more expensive ones are left for me to play??" For me too there are older games that I want to play (Sacred and SpellForce, to mention just two of them, for example). Also, 2) by asking something cheaper, you may make someone feel it to gift it to you more easily. Someone might say "He/She asks for that, which costs 1,50 euros. OK, why not?"

Edit: To avoid any misunderstanding, I DON'T request the two games I mentioned. I just wanted to point out that it isn't necessary to play all the hottest stuff. One can settle with cheaper ones too.
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In the current sale there are several more inexpensive titles that I would be happy to get to play. If someone wishes to gift one of them I would very much appreciate the generosity. Or even if not - maybe someone will notice these great games for themselves. :)

Mage's Initiation: Reign of the Elements seems like a modern-day King's Quest/Quest for Glory, and I liked those games a lot. It is currently 75% off, costing 3.19eur.

Heretic/Hexen Collection is a collection of classic fantasy FPS titles, currently 70% off costing 2.99eur. (Edit: Trooper1270 generously gifted this to me, thank you very much! I'm leaving the link here in case anyone else becomes interested in these classics.)

Freedom Force and its sequel Freedom Force vs. the 3rd Reich are campy superhero tactics games, I have heard good things about them and would like to try. They're 74% off, 1.29eur each.

Detective Grimoire, a point and click adventure, is 79% off at 1.19eur. (Edit: KillingMoon generously gifted this first game to me, thank you very much! I'm again leaving the link in case others become interested.) Its sequel Tangle Tower is 75% off at 4.19eur. They have a unique graphics style for point and click adventures and I'd like to try them out.
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I woul like to ask for one or more of these games , settlers Heritage of kings , TES Oblivion GOTY , diablo warcraft bundle,
I'll always have my fingers crossed for Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 or 2; but as long as they're never on sale, I can never bring myself to buy them with my own money. Please, [unbelievably generous person], you're my only hope!

Edit: Never mind, and hooray for progress!
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LegoDnD: Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 or 2; but as long as they're never on sale
They were on sale from December 12th until January 2nd at -30%. That was a 10% extra discount compared to the previous one in November.
Just like what I asked earlier before, I still want The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition. So if anyone is feeling generous to gift it, I'd appreciate it so much. May this Spring season bring us happiness and good health!
Can I ask someone for Silver Box Classics ?