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My suggestions:
* Browser: Pale Moon (browser)
* Updaters: Avast! (AV) includes this feature now... Might be worth a note.
* Spyware: Malware Bytes, and * it!
* Network: Other: Wireshark
* System Tools: ClassicShell
* System Tools: Stardock Fences (old version still free)
* Game Tools/Programming: Unity3d
* Other Other: Wabbit TI Calculator emulator

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Some suggestions from me:
HaoZip - create 7z, ZIP and another 7 archives. Open almost everything. Have also integrated Virtual CD software.
PSPad - my favorite text editor. Notepad alternative with multiple syntax highlights.
PostgreSQL - great database server. (Not added yet)
qBittorrent - my favorite torrent client.
PotPlayer - very good video player.
KMPlayer - another good video player.
VirtualDub - another video editor similar to Avidemux.
SRWare Iron - browser based on Chromium and similar on Google Chrome, but with integrated Adblocker and without tracking functionality.
CDBurnerXP - good software for creating CD/DVD disks.
I think I've seen wabbit ti calculator a couple of time here, not sure if all in this thread so to represent the "enemy front" of the old rivalry:

HP-42S Emulator
Audacity is a great one for audio editing and converting.
Calibre is great for managing eBook libraries as well.
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Not sure if this was mentioned, but WinOrganizer is now offered free. It's a personal information manager (PIM) with planner, notes, address book, and calendar. The "purchase" link takes you to a page with the registration key.

They also have a program for just notes, as well as a server app for sharing the WinOrganizer database.
Don't know if it's up here but,

Start Menu X is very good..
Well, Kingsoft Office (now called WPS Office) is pretty good, and there is a free version and a paid one. I currently use the free one (it has no ads) and it is a really good "everyday" solution :) I don't know how to add links, sorry ^^
Seeing that thread were gonna be archived soon made me go through my favorites to make 2015 bumps. I saw this and realized I haven't updated it in quite awhile. I'll get that done this weekend :)
Offtopic: is a lifesaver
Don't know if it's already been posted, I use Gizmo's free software list

Hope it helps