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JK41R4: In case it wasn't added:
3D modeling, rigging and animation, texturing, it even has a game engine!

Also, I can't seem to access the list from the link in the first page, is it still up?
Blender's VSE is also a fairly powerful video editor.

Krita is an excellent free/libre alternative to digital painting applications, like SAI.
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mqstout: My suggestions:
* Browser: Pale Moon (browser)
* Updaters: Avast! (AV) includes this feature now... Might be worth a note.
* Spyware: Malware Bytes, and * it!
* Network: Other: Wireshark
* System Tools: ClassicShell
* System Tools: Stardock Fences (old version still free)
* Game Tools/Programming: Unity3d
* Other Other: Wabbit TI Calculator emulator

Remove "Download Manager" category.
For the browser, I like ot stay old school and use netscape :P