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GenlyAi: I don't consider myself yet a reputable member. I have only been interacting with people more here on gog for the past couple of months or so. So, we wait. :)
You'd qualify, go ahead and ask. The only reason that rule is even in place at all is to be cautious and weed out scammers/alt accounts/etc. and you're completely legit in my book.
zeogold: Where are y'all hiding, anyway? There's all those games, just....sitting there.
They get so lonely...
LynXsh: Me? Oh! I'm going to say that the NightSky (which is present in your list) is totally great. It's the Nifflas' game, so... Hope it would help this poor little game find its home.

(To make things clear: I already have it.)
I can second this recommendation. I played it on 3DS and it has a lovely relaxing feel to it
Leroux: I could imagine giving Ananias Roguelike or Hiiro a new home, if that helps, but I've already asked for a game this month.
You're perfectly in the clear. Go ahead and take 'em. I might have to have a little return to something that previously happened when this new update hits, anyways....
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zeogold: Granted.
Thanks a lot, also to the donators MarkoH01 and VeTrack!
greeklover: Why did I google "vac-bon gamie"? I don't even understand the Fairfox language. I must be drunk. Absolute lee:)
Well, hope dies last :)
But tbh this was one post I also have severe difficulties to understand and I could not figure out what it's actually about. But hey, it least it sounds funny ;) I said it multiple times, I want a Fairfox/English dictionary and such problems would be gone.
zeogold: Granted.
Leroux: Thanks a lot, also to the donators MarkoH01 and VeTrack!
Whatever I just gave you - you're welcome :)
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MarkoH01: Whatever I just gave you - you're welcome :)
Ananias Roguelike. ;)
Then, can I have 'The Last Door - Collector's Edition'?

PS. Also, @zeogold, you added me in the donor list here, but not the games I donated to the list yet. :)
Hey Zeo! May I request Wargame: Red Dragon? The Wargame series has always appeared interesting to me, however; I never pulled the trigger to buy it. I was also waiting for it to show on GOG, however; that appears to be a long shot right now.

Just let me know, thanks as always.
Ive always browsed this as if waiting for a unused serial to catch my eye or something, but i guess it's about time to try my luck! hehe Can I get Wolcen Lords of Mayhem or more preferably, Hold Fast Nations At War(because I looove mount and blade serious it is seriously my favorite!)
Thanks for your consideration!