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Hi. I would like to ask for Wing Commander 1+2.
I would love to ask for Druidstone. Many thanks.
May I ask for Heroes of Might and Magic 3: Complete please ? I have a retail version I played years ago but it doesn't work anymore on modern OS and I realized after all these years that it is not patched to the latest version, which means that some monsters multiply themselves to infinite during the mission, so for example I had to fight hundreds of centaurs to access some locations on the maps !!!
Buttspikes: Thus I take back the request for Sacred Gold and ask only for Patrician 3.
finkleroy: Granted.
Much appreciated! Thank you Finkleroy for managing all this and jcozart for the title :)
May i ask for Styx: Shards of Darkness ?
May I have the second copy of Druidstone? Thank you! :)
Hi, may I try SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition? It seems to be a genre that I’ve never really tried before.
May I request SteamWorld Dig 2?
I'd like to ask for Whispers of a Machine Blue Edition, if I may.
Whispers of a Machine please as it has been in my WL since I knew of it.
Thanks Doc0075! you are the february santa! :)

The love is so great,
I don't feel bad for not having a date
On February 14 thank you mate
I would like to get The Deadly Tower of Monsters. What a cool idea for a game.
I already want to thank Doc not only for donating so much but also for spreading RPGs among the people.

And, may I have Driftmoon?
Hello, I'm interested in the game SimCity™ 4 Deluxe Edition. I would be delighted if my wish were honored. Thank you and have a good time.
May I ask for Empires: Dawn of the Modern World?