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What a generous community!!!
^^^^ Totally this!

With special thanks to zeogold and Doc0075 xox

Tacoma: Key donated by Doc0075.

... and some more medicine from my favorite physician. Maybe I should turn to him because of some other problems too? Like the still missing workers in the new flat? Or the cold rain? Or that tiresome paperwork?
I feel like it's time for some "Fu**ing voodoo magic man HAHAHAHAHA!!"
I'd like to request Shadow Man.
(props to those who get the voodoo reference :P)
Post edited January 08, 2019 by idbeholdME
thank you, krugos2
I'd like to request Shadow Man, please
Just redeemed EVERSPACE :-)

My deepest gratitude to teorems for donating the key and zeogold for hosting the giveaway!
SpikedSoul: thank you, krugos2
Enjoy the game! :)
theslitherydeee: I would like to nominate VampiroAlhazred for Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth. It's actually there this time.
The Old Ones conspired against me, and Theslitherydeee almost lost his sanity... but I finally got the game!
Thank you very much Theslitherydeee, Licurg, and Zeogold!! =)
high rated
RickyAndersen: And may I ask Worms Forts: Under Siege (†) ?
erbello: I would like to kindly ask for NecroVisioN.
Vingry: May I have BlazBlue Calamity Trigger?
OHMYGODJCABOMB: I would like to ask for Battle Island Platinum.
PMPMGamer: May I ask for FlatOut 2 ?
idbeholdME: I'd like to request Shadow Man.
All granted.

SpartanSloth: I'd like to request Shadow Man, please
Too late for it, sorry.
May I ask for Earth 2150? :)
Wow. Quest For Glory 1 to 5. What a prize!
Thank you very much Geralt_of_Rivia. And of course thanks to our very own Erasmus, zeogold.
And last but not least, RickyAndersen for nominating me for it!
FireDrakeZ: Thanks to ariaspi for Clive Barker's Undying and zeogold for hosting this thread.
You're welcome and enjoy the game. :)
Thank you Geralt_of_Rivia for the Battle Isle! Haven't seen this game for a very long time.

And of course, thanks to zeogold for all his work.
high rated
Random_Coffee: May I ask for Earth 2150? :)
PMPMGamer: Thanks bjgamer and zeogold for Torchlight.
PMPMGamer: As the game I asked for was dagger.
May I ask for FlatOut 2 ?
Hm, except it was not daggered. I bought Torchlight specifically for the giveaway so zeo did not list that one as daggered, as also seen in your request. The one Makotolia asked for later was listed as daggered, as seen both in the list and his request. Anyway, you are welcome and enjoy the game. You may also want to check into the many mods for it.

nebulosas: Thank you very much bjgamer and zeogold! :D
You are very welcome. Enjoy the game! :)