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greeklover: This means that someone has to redeem the code before then, right?
No. Once bought, the code's valid forever.
Thanks for bringing it back, Zeo! :D May it live forever! ^_^
Would like to request Alan Wake.
high rated
omega64: Would like to request Alan Wake.
Thank you for continuing the community giveaway, zeogold! I would like to receive Party Hard if it's possible.
I have not even read the list. Just here to say how great it is to see this reopened. Thank you zeogold for doing this and I wish you the best of luck.

And of course I forgot: thanks to all the generous donors who already donated here and making this possible!
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zeogold: Howdy, folks, and welcome to the next incarnation of The Community Giveaway, a tradition carried on by the handsome IAmSinistar, the lovely moonshineshadow, and now, the Puzzlemaster himself!
So you're doing another community giveaway? Apparently the Steam one isn't keeping you busy enough... :P

Good luck with this GA, hope you still have enough time to play some games.
May i request Emperor: Rise of the Middle Kingdom if still available? :)

Thank you.
Welcome back on board GOG Community Giveaway! Thank you for reviving this zeogold, and I hope you keep it as good as it was under moonshineshadow's hands.

I would like to request Deus Ex. I'm curious as to what it is about.
Congratulations on - and thank you for - getting this up and running again!
Glad to see it's back.
Thank you for the effort Zeogold.
Thanks for reviving this Zeogold and thanks to all that help generously the giveaway cause! :)

I'd like Driver: Parallel Lines to find it's way to my GOG library.
Great! Thank you for reviving community giveaway!
Looking through the list of what all is on offer, and through some wishlists, I'd like to make two nominations:
* Anachronox for Dessimu
* Signal Ops for skeletonbow
Congratulations on reopening the community giveaway Zeo. It's nice to see it coming back. :)