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AlKim: Consider the embedded energy that goes into a laptop and how short-lived those are in comparison.
I'm not good at calculating embedded energy. Then again, embedded energy doesn't heat up my apartment. :P

I'll look out for used laptops though, thanks!
I'm trying to land a new job and it's been the longest employment process I've ever been through. I'm on month #2 of tests and orientations, now I found out I have to get a fucking physical. I just want to kick my current job to the curb and move on already!
My mother took a face plant into some rocks last night.

The doctor says she'll be fine but she looks awful.
tinyE: My mother took a face plant into some rocks last night.

The doctor says she'll be fine but she looks awful.
I'm glad she's all right despite the fall.
tinyE: My mother took a face plant into some rocks last night.

The doctor says she'll be fine but she looks awful.
Dr_Adder: I'm glad she's all right despite the fall.
She's great. In fact, we're having trouble with her. The doctor told her to take it easy for a couple of days and SHE REFUSES!!! :P
People are making accusations about CD Project Red being "too PC". I'm worried that there will be so many complaints that, in order to be less PC, their newest game, Cyberpunk 2077, won't get released for the PC in the first place, getting only an NPC release instead.

(I am not actually interested in the game in question myself, but other people are, so this is relevant.)
So I wake up and head to the kitchen for breakfast only for my mother to ask me if I've taken her pain meds. I hate being scrutinized for something I didn't do. Sucks because I was planning on going to the somewhat local recreational marijuana store to get four joints. Now if I'm in a haze she's going to blame me for the pain meds. Bummer man...
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You're right. Now I just have to get those joints. Even though it's legal here she doesn't want me smoking. Once I got some and she found out, kicked me out of the house, and then called the cops. They just asked me if there was any problem and I said no. She's been a little different about it since then, Still it's been months since I've smoked and I miss it dearly. There is something about it that changes perspectives and I really appreciate that feeling. Here goes...
god I miss drugs

of course, I also miss glam rock and Fruit Roll Ups, so judge accordingly.
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Pathetic loser's in this place.
Ah sometimes i miss big good old mysterious world mysteries, such as... the Bermuda triangle (*dramatic prairie dog*). So eerie, so magical, so otherworldly. A vast portion of ocean where (first dramatic pitching) *everything vanishes* (flails arms). No? Really? I swear! It's well known! Nobody can explain it. Cooool.

It was like a modern terra incognita. There would be the dragons. Ah, and the UFO abductions. Well, at least these are still around. I mean, there are still UFO enthousiasts taking these at face value, along with ancient astronauts and all that stuff. Ghosts are still around, too. But dear old Nessie ? Bye bye Nessie. The Yeti ? Probably too. What's the status on cryptozoology anyway ? The pharaos curse, oh that was fun too. Enchanted world. The Uri Geller craze must have been fun too. Not many spoon-benders around anymore, heh ?

But yeah, that Bermuda thing. It was so enormous. But it required information to stay so remote, so dependant on focused "investigators" à la Berlitz. Our age of direct internet access to archives and statistics have murdered it. For greater truth, of course, and there's certainly some misplaced nostalgia in all the myths that were blurrying the world - in forests that were more than tree and shadows that were more than optical. Still, I'm saying, these myths had something more adventurous and dreamy than petty, ideologically-oriented political conspiracy theories à la sages of sion or 9/11 truthin'.

I say : bring back bermuda triangles !

Edit :
Ah well, on second thought, it could be easily back. All it requires is a partisan reason to. Have a sole Trump or Putin seeing any value in it, and all the debunking and worldwide consensus would be instantly swept away as the usual giant failed news fake media leftist propaganda conspiracy, along with climate change and russian hacking. Maybe I just miss the times where obscurantism was at least driven by a sense of poetry.

Also martians. Don't want to sound planetist, but aliens that don't come from Mars are simply not the same. Bacterial life ? Come on. We used to have channels, and giant faces, and invaders spying on us through telescopes. I can't even believe the little green ones turned grey. We should have drawn the line there.
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Someone made a transphobic reply to my post, and that reply ended up being "high rated" (and this is *after* I pressed the "-" button on that reply).

It seems that much of the userbase is ignorant at best, and quite possibly evil, when it comes to that particular topic. was always Little Green Men in my time-line.

Anyroad up, had a migraine last week. Two days later got the zig-zag lines prodrome - but in colour!

It was white, red n purple.

Honestly, it was like an inconvenient & debillitating Cornetto experience.
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That Chemnitz pogrom is taking me down.