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Lucius 2
For completion's sake. Shiver Games already tried to bring it to GOG but have been rejected, even though we have the first one here.

Flatspace games
Neat 3D isometric space trading and combat games. The dev has already approached GOG.

Boiling Point: Road to Hell (aka Xenus)
An open-world FPS game set in a fictional South American nation. It's very buggy but I really enjoyed this game.

Fortune Summoners
A very tough story-based doujin platformer with RPG elements.

Commandos: Strike Force
Again for completion's sake, plus I like it, it's a solid, but unrealistic, action/stealth game.

Chasm: The Rift
A classic 3D FPS game with great weapons, level design, and puzzles.
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Bump. :) If you have a some free time search through the thread and see if you think anything is worth voting for.
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If you like wacky adventure games, vote for Orion Burger:

Your quest in this game is to prevent an alien fast food chain from harvesting humans as burger food. There aren't many games that have a story centered around this topic so it's kind of niche.

Made by the same people that brought us The Riddle of Master Lu which you should also vote for even if it already has more than 300 votes:
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Now that we are at it, another Sanctuary Woods adventure game:
- Once Upon a Forest

And a couple more Lee Sheldon Games:
- Temüjin
- Dark Side Of The Moon

Adventure games (and point&click in particular) are always in need of wishlist votes. Only the ones belonging to well known franchises are really up in votes. And then there's the weird case of 1996 Fable, with 1265 votes (probably from people confusing it with molyneux's game.

I do have a big list of adventure games not yet on gog that I should post one of these days, but some other important adventures missing:

- The Moment Of Silence
Probably the best House Of Tales adventure (now Nordic's). (I also want the other three HOT adventures).

- Innocent Until Caught / Guilty
As representative of the 4 Divide By Zero / Psygnosis adventures.

- Nibiru
From the makers of the first Black Mirror. There are 3 other Future Games adventures, as far as I know.

- So Blonde
Along with Captain Morgane. Wizardbox are the developers of Gray Matter (but without Jane Jensen, of course)

- Ghost Pirates Of Vooju Island
As A Vampyre Story has more than 300 votes, why not a little love to the other Bill Tiller / Autumn Moon game.

- / [url=]Ankh 2 / Ankh 3
How come so few votes for Deck13's adventures? After all the Keane2 meme? (there's also Haunted too)

- Mata Hari
I had to create the wishlist for this game from Cranberry Productions. From Hal Barwood and Noah Falstein, designers of Fate of Atlantis. Cranberry Productions are responsible for Black Mirror 2 & 3. And Lost Chronicles Of Zerzura, that got good critics (among p&c players)

- Yesterday
Igor: Objective Uikokahonia was mentioned. And we have the Runaway series. But what about Hollywood Monsters, The Next Big Thing (aka Hollywood Monsters remake) and Yesterday?

- Lost Horizon
Aparently a good point & click adventure. In the vein of Indiana Jones. And also [url= files]The Secret Files[/url] series.

... and many many more ...
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Highly unappreciated recent indie games in the gog wishlist. And it's really mind-boggling, as some of these are praised by critics and youtubers.

- The Journey Down
Great point & click adventure. Two chapters released (out of three)

- Gravity Ghost
Praised by TB. Artsy and soothing.

- Amphora
"Charming, beautiful and often satisfying, Amphora’s vague goals and finicky physics can be frustrating at times, but if you have the patience you’re in for a unique experience.", AdventureGamers.

- A pixel Story
A Pixel Story is a devious 2D puzzle platformer that charts the evolution of video games.

- Belladonna
Weird point & click adventure game.
"Belladonna is a gothic adventure game, twisted and dark. Take the role of a corpse girl rising from the dead in an abandoned laboratory, and unravel the mysteries concerning your own death and reanimation."

- White Night
Beautiful black & white survival game.

- ASA: Remastered Edition (yeap, I know)
First person scify adventure game.

- Fire (why isn't this daedalic game on gog yet?)
Small but cute daedalic distributed game.
"We're incredibly happy to announce that FIRE has been awarded with 'Best Kids Game'. FIRE has not been designed as a kids game, though, but earned the award due to its clear, stringent game design and inherently enjoyable gameplay. FIRE uses no spoken or written language at all, so it`s message is universal: “Prehistoric people are as dumb as they are funny!”

- Westerado: Double Barreled
AdultSwim pixel art red dead redemption.
"We might not have Red Dead Redemption, but Westerado is an enormously satisfying consolation prize."

- Action Henk
Youtubers "racing" game of the week. A few weeks ago.

- Sunset
Artsy kickstarter from the recently departed Tale Of Tales, creators of the path. Apparently rejecty by gog, go figure.

- Alum
Small and surprising kickstarted point & click adventure. Surprising because it's better than most expected, considering the kickstarter. It has been well received by many point & clickers.

- The Silent Age
PC port of a successful mobile point & click adventure.

- Homesick
A successful kickstarter for a myst-like myst-ery game. Probably a walking simulator. But a very pretty one.

- Quasar: Deluxe Edition
From the makers of the great free adventure-rpg hybrid heroine's quest. Very short, but nice.

- The Perils Of Man
New adventure game from Gene Mocsy and Bill Tiller (Curse of Monkey Island, A Vampyre Story).

- The Charnel House Trilogy
From the makers of Richard & Alice, with beautiful pixel art by Ben Chandler (Blackwell Epiphany, Technobabylon), and voiced by none other than Jim Sterling.

- Epanalepsis
Drawing from influences such as Philip K. Dick, Joanna Russ, and games like The Shivah, Epanalepsis is weird and endearing, warm and nihilistic, funny and somber. Crude Pixelart.

- Tormentum
A successful kickstarter with beautiful HR Giger / Beksiński inspired graphics.

- Dominique Pamplemousse
Stop motion black & white point & click adventure game.

- The Adventures Of Bertram Fiddle
Only one episode is currently out, but it has character. And apparently won Best Narrative Award at the Tokyo Indie Fest.

- Oblitus
It's and adultswim game. And both adultswim and devolver digital games are quite something.

- Bunker: The Underground Game
Ok, this is a very niche adventure game. Right now for me and someone else, it seems.

- Duck Game
Another of the TB favorites. A mix of towerfall & super smash bothers with... ducks.
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How about Eric the Unready ? Its one of the funniest games ever made!

vote for it here
Knee Deep

A new indie adventure game I was sold on after watching part of a Jim Sterling's squirty play.

Very nice theatric aesthetic and weird script.

“Knee Deep is surprisingly absorbing, its cast of eccentric characters and shady narrative lending a pleasant Twin Peaks vibe”
The Jimquisition
rgnrk: - Innocent Until Caught / Guilty
As representative of the 4 Divide By Zero / Psygnosis adventures.
Thanks for reminding me of that game, I installed it a couple months ago but didn't play it due to a sound issue which I now fixed. Works OK with Dosbox. Can't say if it's a good game or not as I'm too early into the game but the inventory is retarded and targeting / picking up items is awkward. One command for hovering over an object to see what it is and a different icon command for examining the object to hear a description of it from your character?? That's just complete and utter nonsense. There are older VGA adventures with better interfaces than that, hasn't aged well at all. Graphics are good though and I like the cyberpunk setting so I'm not giving up on the game yet.

rgnrk: - Lost Horizon
Aparently a good point & click adventure. In the vein of Indiana Jones. And also [url= files]The Secret Files[/url] series.
Lost Horizon is a very decent adventure game, not even remotely as good as Fate of Atlantis but it's quite serviceable for fans of the genre looking for something inoffensive and light to digest. It's a rather easy game so even beginners should be able to enjoy it. Here is a little review with some screenshots:

And I highly recommend Secret Files Tunguska, it's inoffensive and light in tone just like Lost Horizon but the gameplay has more meat to it, tons of occasionally silly and/or contrived McGyver style inventory puzzles that are essentially logical but not insultingly easy. The game does offer a comfortable amount of resistance throughout, and it has a very satisfying length. Best one of the series, the sequels are only worth it for fans.

Review with some screenshots for Secret Files Tunguska:
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Looks like big fun, and I love the art style.
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I talked to the devs of 60 Seconds and they said GOG was a wanted avenue for them. Yet to see GOG make a move though.
I'd also buy - Running With Rifles, because it is surprisingly amazing.
- Full Mojo Rampage, same reason.
- Kitty Powers Match Maker.... why not, Hatoful boyfriend is here.
- Hero Generations, because it makes you want to keep playing again and again.
- Monstrum, because oh my god this game is fantastic.
- Out There Omega, it's a rogue lite permadeath space game with no combat!!!
- OTTTD, it's tower defense with heroes that level up and it also requires considerable grinding!!!
- Torchlight 2, because it is already DRM free on Humble with LAN play so why not.
- Distant Worlds Universe, because we need more space games that aren't ancient and are 4x real time.
- The Spatials, just because it's a nice game
- Shattered Planet, as above.
- Winter Wolves games, because again we have Hatoful Boyfriend and because they are not simply visual novels
- Death Skid Marks, because it's a permadeath (get from one place to the next) game with lots of replayability.
- Gimbal, because space and arena based fighting with completely customisable ships is so rare and awesome.
- Reassembly, because space and building ships from scratch and bastard AI are so rare and awesome.
- The Trouble With Robots, card based real time fighting that's difficult is so rare and awesome.
- Uncanny Valley, because good atmospheric scary games are so hard to come by.

There's more but these are just some of the games I own DRM free and didn't buy from Steam. Sorry if it breaks the <300 votes policy, or if they are even on the wishlist (sad face) but I just wanted to share. I just hope GOG finds it in their cold hearts to give smaller games a chance, without instantly labelling them too niche for the site.
If someone would be nice enough to create wishlists for any of these games then please do so, as I've found that people tend to support wishes that are made by more prominent members of the community.
<span class="bold">Kingdom Wars 2: Battles</span> is an upcoming indie real time fantasy game with a strong singleplayer campaign and a competitive multiplayer that also includes a developing story as you battle. The game is already available in early access on steam and has been accepted quite nicely. There are 3 races (elves, humans, orcs). The game has a long term tech tree progression, skirmish gameplay and a crafting system which is a nice addition to the rts part of the game. The game is large on castle sieges. Its most similar to Age of Empires and Battle of Middle Earth and other similar titles.

Game trailer:

Gameplay video:

Vote for it here: <span class="bold"></span>
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Great FMV/point and click/adventure. Needs a reboot with crisper visuals and larger video resolutions, but still a fun classic.

Decent adventure games, albeit short and a tad cheesy. According to the dev, He contacted GOG and GOG told him that they were not interested in working with him. (only one side of the story, but concerning since there are quite a few far worse games on GOG than his).

While each of these has less than 300, if you added up the misspelling's and double entries you might exceed the number. Still, I can't imagine these games are selling ANYWHERE right now. Why not bring them here. I would rebuy on a sale or bundle to replay at some point. Still have all the CDs.

Surprised this one was so low in the wishlist category. Great Thiefy game that does the series proud (at least in terms of gameplay and fun... not so thrilled with the plot, but this isn't a review ;) ). Would love to see all franchises completed here, especially this one.

Never finished this one due to tech issues, but would love to give it a modern go. Great premise from what I remember.

One of the better adventure games I've played. And iirc, the first time I ever died in a point in click. Very atmospheric, eerie, creepy, and just plain old fun.

I'm sneaking this one because the complete edition only has 85 votes. More troublesome is that the "main" entry only has 600. This is one of the better games I've played in a long time and a landmark in gaming progression with how the open world is delivered seamlessly to the player. Not to mention the AMAZING facial animations and professional voicing... I still can't believe I killed John Noble.

At just 303 votes, this is sad as well. What an amazing game, and I suspect GOG is waiting to release the final version... but since that could be a year+ away, and will likely see lots of updating even after release, I'd love to see them find a way to provide early access games like this. Perhaps Galaxy can assist with this?
The upcoming Crashlands,
it looks very interesting. A survival themed game labeled as Action-Crafting RPG. Perhaps emphasizing in action.

Official website :
Wishlist on GOG:

Edit: anyone knows what are the principles (or list of rules) of GOG in accepting game to be released here ? I read few developers got the game rejected without clear reason.
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<span class="bold">BattleBlock Theater</span>

<span class="bold">Bunny Must Die! Chelsea And The 7 Devils</span>

<span class="bold">Deadlight</span>

<span class="bold">Oniken</span>
>>Track 1: Shattered Future
>>Track 2: Time For Vengeance

<span class="bold">Rochard</span>

<span class="bold">Valiant Hearts: The Great War</span>

<span class="bold">Wings Of Vi</span>
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