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rgnrk: - Homesick
A successful kickstarter for a myst-like myst-ery game. Probably a walking simulator. But a very pretty one.
Got rejected by gog as "this type of game isn’t the most popular with their users".
I suppose that might be accurate these days, but if any Myst-like fans are still around, consider pinging that entry.
<span class="bold">Gruntz</span>
-> Wikipedia
-> Gameplay

<span class="bold">Get Medieval</span>
-> Wikipedia
-> Gameplay

<span class="bold">Ace Ventura: The CD-Rom Game</span>
-> [url=]Wikipedia[/url]
-> Gameplay

<span class="bold">Hector: Badge of Carnage</span>
-> [url=]Wikipedia[/url]
-> Trailer

<span class="bold">Duckman: The Graphic Adventures of a Private Dick</span>
-> [url=]Wikipedia[/url]
-> Gameplay

<span class="bold">Hopkins FBI</span>
-> Wikipedia
-> MobyGames

<span class="bold">Pizza Connection 2 / Fast Food Tycoon 2</span>
-> Wikipedia
-> Gameplay

<span class="bold">The Sting!</span>
-> Wikipedia
-> Gameplay
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Watch the awesome trailer for Evoland 2:

Then vote for it here.
Evoland 2
Another bump. :)
Zombie Smashers X2: Punx and Skins (@2005 Totally Screwed Software - currently 5 votes)

It's a gory street beat-em-up with an added RPG-flavor a la River City Ransom, with zombies, ninjas, vampires, skinheads, metalheads, nazis, pirates, robots, demons, government agents and punks to smash galore! Tons of humor too!
Besides the punches and various kicks, you can also use weapons dropped by enemies, such as garbage cans, katanas, tuna, uzis, hammers, pans, swords, hooks etc and knocked down enemies.
In addition it has one of the sweetest punk/ska/electronica soundtrack ;)

Vote for it on the gog wishlist:
Moby page:
Hotu page:
Full review:
Full review:
Demo (direct downlod link on cnet):;hlndr=1&amp;dlm=0
Full (player customizable!) soundtrack on youtube:;list=PLLhQkdpj5D1jAWOGB-TxtnnhfdTMtu0Ip
Just a taste: gameplay video on youtube:

I had so much fun playing this gem and I can only hope you'll enjoy this awesome game too! :)
Chinese Diablo clones:

Prince of Qin
Seal of Evil
Blade &amp; Sword

Chinese Age of Empires clones:

[url=http://The Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon]The Three Kingdoms: Fate of the Dragon[/url]
Dragon Throne: Battle of Red Cliffs

Isometric 2D SVGA goodness, very yummy, please vote. If you're tired of Diablo & Age of Empires, these are very nice alternatives and they look just as fine. Rather obscure but I'm sure there's a demand for this kinda stuff on here.
Rebel Moon / Rebel Moon Rising
The rights-holder has said that if GOG approached them, they would be interested in making the game available again:
Spark the Electric Jester

LakeFeperd -- the developer of Sonic Before the Sequel, and Sonic After the Sequel -- has pledged to release this 16bit platforming gem DRM-free. It would be great if GOG could also pick up the distribution rights so the author has publicity beyond Steam greenlight. Also, try the demo available on the Kickstarter page!

Azure Striker Gunvolt

A fast-paced, action packed platformer from the team that created and produced Megaman Zero. Azure Striker Gunvolt was recently released on Steam, but has been updated with features originally absent from the US/EUR 3DS versions. It'd be great to see this game released on GOG with all its original content plus additional goodies such as the soundtrack and mini-game Mighty Gunvolt.

Noitu Love 2: Devolution

An intense beat-em-up reminiscent of GunStar Heroes and other titles developed by Treasure company. The game is visually stunning and available on a number of systems including Steam and the Nintendo eShop. It'd be cool to see GOG pick this one up in time for the developer's next release....

The Iconoclasts
Demo -;file=7

An upcoming game from the developer of Noitu Love 1&2. It's a metroidvania with expansive levels, and an interesting blend of steam-punk and futuristic visuals. Definitely check out the pre-Alpha demo to get a feel for the game.

Ripple Dot Zero

An incredible 16bit platformer with a rocking soundtrack and a futuristic penguin protagonist. It's available free to play on the developer's website but it would be great to see it released as a commercial game! Hey, it's a long shot but a guy can dream right?
Animal: The Pepperoni Game definately deserves a place on GOG.

A funny P&C Adventure game with attitude. You play as... wait for it... a stick of Pepperoni, lol!

"Pepperoni, it's a bit of an animal." ( :

EDIT: Found a YouTube clip of it.
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Bump. :)
It's been a long time since I've bumped this, so I'll do it again.

Here's what's "trending" on the GOG wishlist:
tfishell: Here's what's "trending" on the GOG wishlist:
What about ...?

And one of the most ignored indies of recent times; a narrative teen horror experience, like a cross between Life Is Strange and Firewatch... but with a completely different, yet gorgeous, graphic style:


AdventureGamers review (as it's a narrative experience, its a non rated review thingy).
:D :D.... very nice... but these games might be looking to ' casual' perhaps?
3d, fpp, and the likes are always there and will come sooner or later
If the game was a welknown title chances are very big it will come on GoG.
Problem is the good games that werent that welknown in the past will have problems getting noticed, thus getting less voted for.
I mean 10K votes for any game will bring it here, but 300 votes? thats too little to take all the trouble for.

Its all mickeysofts fault, if these mofo made win play all old stuff we would still be playing all old stuff on our pc, ofcourse the GPU is also a big cause of non working games, but i noticed that the windows is the largest cause of non working games, 16bit wont work on 64 bits cause they supported only 32bits, mickeysoft is the big bad wolf in this case.
Its all their fault. :D
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