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(this may have already been posted)

Cold Waters is rising (pun?) on the wishlist, but I figured I'd give a little promo here - "Spiritual Successor to the Microprose Classic 'Red Storm Rising'."
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The Hunter: Call of the Wild. I'm not a hunter but I would still give it a shot.
How about one that didn't have a single vote until I posted it just now.

If you loved Alien Shooter, this tower defense game is as spiritually connected as one can get. You have all the blood splatter; 5 difficulty levels, the soldiers are your towers using all the classic weapons. I already have 110 hours on "another service" playing this game. It's very addictive.
Fight'n Rage

Forget about the pretenders, this is the true heir to the beat'em up throne. It's good, it's really good.

* Each character feels great to play and has their own playstyle. Different moves, different story, different gameplay flow.
* Loads of routes and endings, depending on the characters you picked and the choices made, including different ones for if you're playing solo, or as a duo or trio.
* Tight controls, none of input delay nonsense. Moves, combos, juggling, parrying, it's all there and it works extremely well. There's a lot more depth to it than you'd expect.
* Very nice spritework and environments.
* Great soundtrack and, especially important, satisfying soundwork for the combat - meaty blows and gibs.
* Local co-op for up to three players. You can also play with the CPU. There'll be no need for Galaxy, if that's what grinds your gears.
* Plenty of enemy types and bosses.
* Training mode for all your practice needs. Battle mode for all your 1-on-1 needs.
* Tons of unlockable extras. Costumes, difficulty settings, game modes, extra characters, etc.
* Lots of ways to adjust the graphics if you say, don't like a filter or graphics effect.
* Speedrun friendly timers, if that's your thing.
* The whole game, except for the music, was made by one person.

After being disappointed time and time again by games like Mother Russia Bleeds and its contemporaries, this game got my beat'em up blood pumping again. It's incredible and deserves way more attention than it has received.

I also found a thread asking for a GOG version on Steam, so go post there as well if you want draw the author's attention towards a GOG release:
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They Are Billions - GOG Wishlist
Youtube link
Youtube link

MarZ Rising - GOG Wishlist
Youtube link

Abandon Ship - GOG Wishlist
I just found out that Prophecy I: The Viking Child and Daemonsgate are now on Steam, so here are the wishlist entries. They are published by Piko Interactive, who have brought Alien Rampage and The Humans games here, so there's some hope they'll come here someday.
Thanks for the thread- Have voted for:

Orcs Must Die (1 and 2) | Amphora | A Pixel Story | Gravity Ghost | The Spatials | Thief 2014 | Abzu (over 300 votes, probably not coming since it's DRM protected) | Sonic Heroes | Cargo! | West Of Loathing | Cook, Serve, Delicious (1 and 2) | Ooblets | They Are Billions | Abandon Ship

If I may, i'd like to also suggest:

Rock Of Ages (1 and 2) - physics/TD game
Secrets Of Grindea - Co-op RPG (early access)
Tales Of Cosmos - point+click
Hidden Folks - point+ click
Donut County - cute point+click puzzler (unreleased)
Gorogoa - Point+click (unreleased)
Noita - Physics Roguelike (unreleased)
Mission accomplished. NecroVision 1+2 were released today, with less than 300 votes. Now for the other games, gog!
I'd like to suggest a great little puzzler from the 90's called HUBIE.I only ever played the shareware version but it was awesome.It hasn't a vote to its name.
Faery Tale Adventure

The Great Giana Sisters

The New Zealand Story

Phantasie series

Bubble Bobble 2: Rainbow Islands
How come we get one stick figure game but not the other?

One Finger Death Punch
Has anyone mentioned A Tale of Two Kingdoms by Crystal Shard? It just released on steam and is by the same team as Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok.
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Just to throw out a mention, I just created a Guardians of Infinity wishlist item. (What? No forum achievement for creating my first wishlist? Poo....)

It's a text game that has the player travel back in time to save President Kennedy from being assassinated and prevent a disastrous spacetime rift.

Gotta admit that you can find it for download on most if not all abandonware websites.

Game play here:

Also to mention, it does not have a Wikipedia article. I did add it to their list of games with time travel if anyone wants to follow that link and create an article about it:

Thank you.

edit: Hmmm, the link didn't take:
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Narcia_: Has anyone mentioned A Tale of Two Kingdoms by Crystal Shard? It just released on steam and is by the same team as Heroine's Quest: The Herald of Ragnarok.
The two should at least be bundled here, imo (if not bringing HQ here as a freebie).
The Creed. Rare 3rd person mission based game.

Breed. A sci fi squad shooter with vehicles.

The auditorium games. A musical puzzle game.