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This is the official thread for reporting suspicious activity on the forums. If you see any bots breaking the rules by spamming, advertising, posting shady links to weird websites - report them here! Moderation Team will do their best to keep such posts to a minimum but, as you might imagine, it's impossible to keep an eye on every single thread 24/7. That's why we need your help, anti-spam force! :)

Big kudos to everyone who created and contributed to the unofficial thread!

Please keep in mind that this thread is for reporting ONLY! Any offtopic discussion will be removed. Cheers!

Only report bot accounts/spam in this thread. Its purpose is not to report other users. If you see a user who you believe is breaking the rules, message Staff privately instead.
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Advertising bot...

Hey guys, I enjoyed these games. Oh, btw, since you're a teacher, have some spam.
hanukaplayer strikes again!



THX to InkPanther for disclosure.
Oops, I messed up the link and didn't point to the post directly.
Spambots strike again
A programming spambot...
Here we go again ^^. Actually a "pretty decent" bot attempt.

Bot owning 0 games, registration Date April. Linking to Diablo 4 gold purchases.
Review spam:

User: wwigg520

robertstuckey456 and Ryananderes both appear to be spam bots.

New spam account: littlejason41

Fake passport scammer