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This is the official thread for reporting suspicious activity on the forums. If you see any bots breaking the rules by spamming, advertising, posting shady links to weird websites - report them here! Moderation Team will do their best to keep such posts to a minimum but, as you might imagine, it's impossible to keep an eye on every single thread 24/7. That's why we need your help, anti-spam force! :)

Big kudos to everyone who created and contributed to the unofficial thread!

Please keep in mind that this thread is for reporting ONLY! Any offtopic discussion will be removed. Cheers!

Only report bot accounts/spam in this thread. Its purpose is not to report other users. If you see a user who you believe is breaking the rules, message Staff privately instead.
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^^ You just reported a bot replying to a bot replying to a bot that necroed an old thread in April.

I think at this point we can stop reporting spam in this thread.
Just check the last pages(!) of reports. None of them have been dealt with.
It is obvious, that GOG doesn't care about individual spam posts anymore. So why would you?
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Old thread manced' to sell a scam ATM card.

want to buy a yescard?
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They don't own squat. Plus an 8bitdo controller is quite cheap.
I'm not entirely sure this user intends to ever reply, given that it's been 12 hours.
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They don't own squat. Plus an 8bitdo controller is quite cheap.
I'm not entirely sure this user intends to ever reply, given that it's been 12 hours.
The first is surprisingly well done if it's by a bot. I don't think it is, or at least if it is it was modified by a human before posting.
Assuming that said user isn't a bot, the fact that the controller you mentioned is cheap doesn't matter if the user does not know about it, or if it isn't cheap wherever they live (supposedly Costa Rica). Throw some import tax and middlemen between the source and the customer of the product and it can get quite expensive. Push a generous regional price (lower than US price) for the game on steam and even a modest controller will cost thrice that.

And if there's doubt with the former, the latter case is DEFINITELY not a bot. They have a game in their library. A user that doesn't respond his own thread is not the target of this reporting thread, just like it's not for violations of the CoC.

The one I'm reporting, however... I'll eat my hat if it's not a bot.
ksowopr :

Spam in german, talking about Japan and something nuclear. I hope it's not some neonazi bot planning revenge for the Axis's defeat in WW2...

Edit: whoops. Already reported by cose_vecchie before. My bad.
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I would like to report myself for stealing Birthday Speach.

Dear Sons and Daughters, we feel for you, we are looking for your forgiveness, and for your joy. When we started everything was perfect after a few years and then we gradually changed things for the worse. We had to survive on the market and stop irritating some greedy organizations. We cried in a kitchen like a Lady of the House but when the tears dried we were stronger, colder but stronger. I can`t ...we lost so much... (No no go on!)..,.There...Stronger we are, this was a painful process. We are surprised that everyone is still here... Our moderators were deleting your posts, and some of you were given warnings or final warnings. We deleted a few games too, some of those were on your requests. We think DRM is disgusting like a... like a... no, there is nothing as disgusting as DRM, we just have a pinch of it to make sure. We are sorry but most of all we are happy. Happy that you are still here. Happy that we did together a long way together (there are two together to make sure we are together (now it`s three) We hope you need us because we need you. Please... Let`s Celebrate Your Patience and our togetherness (four is a bit much), and Let`s keep discovering Games Worlds like it`s 2023 (hey! It is 2023) I know because We are going to the Future! I hope you like some of our free games on the way as it`s cost us a lot, Hoping you like buying our games as it`s cost you a lot. Hope you like our endless sales where we share costs to make everyone happy. Are you happy? We can be, for just one day. Happy Birthday! People of GOG! There will be no DRM in Space, That is why We You Us are the Real Future and Joy.
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honestly why do we bother reporting these