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Blowing with the wind of nostalgia.

<span class="bold">War Wind</span> & <span class="bold">War Wind II: Human Onslaught</span>, two classic fantasy RTSs bursting with gruesome battles and stealth shenanigans, are available now, DRM-free on

In a world not unlike ours, where the most enlightened and powerful nation rules the other three with an iron fist, anarchy is about to break out. The first War Wind carries with it the battlecries of the four diverse races, fighting for resources, building their strongholds, and leading their armies of upgradable units through 28 different scenarios.

By the time the War Wind II: Human Onslaught starts blowing through the land of Yavaun, the power struggle between the four races has evolved significantly. The arrival of Humans upsets the balance even further, resulting in a cataclysmic war that will be decided by the fragile alliances and proper use of stealth skills that your units possess.

Promote and manage your army, and fight for supremacy in an alien world scorched by <span class="bold">War Wind</span> and <span class="bold">War Wind II: Human Onslaught</span>, DRM-free on
Matewis: No, MAX is turn based.
timppu: I think you can decide yourself whether it is turn-based or runs in real time? I haven't tried the latter though, not sure how it works.
Well I'll be, that's news to me. I just checked and it is in fact a hybrid. I always played it turn based! I wonder if the first level will be easier realtime. That first level kicked my ass whenever and however I tried to play it :P
YEEEEEES! Wished for this for so long and now its finally here! Thank you so much! <3
Andrey82: can produce vehicles, but you need troops to sin in them to use.
American teen simulator. ;)
This is very good news! I remember playing the demo and liked it. Nice also to see GOG as publisher.
tinyE: Never played these. Look like Warcraft 2.
Looks can be deceiving. I actually played the hell out of these back in the day. Both are very unique RTS-es with an innovative RPG-style unit leveling/training model and a great atmosphere.

They're actually games that attained sort of a cult status to me when I was young, similarly to "Emperor of The Fading Suns". Sure, they're games, but they come with their own worlds and mythos and that makes them much more than that.
Wow, I remember I got one of those once in a magazine ages ago... never got around to playing it much but I never was an rts player. :P
Interesting release.
Not for me, but I am sure others will enjoy these games :)
XYCat: What is this game? I've never heard of it before. It looks like reskinned warcraft
Yeah, me too ... never heard of them. And I played Warcraft 1 and 2!
Nice releases .
Awesome ! bought the whole package.
Some of these early RTS games have so much personality, to me this yet another one.
PaterAlf: I'm pretty bad when it comes to RTS games. But these ones look really cool. I think I will give the first one a try.
I'm quite bad at RTS as well, but nothing 'persistence' and good old 'trial & error' can't solve :-)
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amrit9037: Why should I play these???
Published by GOG ;)
amrit9037: Why should I play these???
vicklemos: Published by GOG ;)
Must have bought the rights. Good idea.

I remember playing these and I remember I wasn't good at them.

But that reminds me... why isn't Dune here and who owns it now?
I remember these...

Here's the reviews on HOTU for those curious.

War Wind review

War Wind II review
Extremely pleased seeing this came out! A part of my childhood!
Graphics remind me Warcraft 2. Nice releases !