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Blowing with the wind of nostalgia.

<span class="bold">War Wind</span> & <span class="bold">War Wind II: Human Onslaught</span>, two classic fantasy RTSs bursting with gruesome battles and stealth shenanigans, are available now, DRM-free on

In a world not unlike ours, where the most enlightened and powerful nation rules the other three with an iron fist, anarchy is about to break out. The first War Wind carries with it the battlecries of the four diverse races, fighting for resources, building their strongholds, and leading their armies of upgradable units through 28 different scenarios.

By the time the War Wind II: Human Onslaught starts blowing through the land of Yavaun, the power struggle between the four races has evolved significantly. The arrival of Humans upsets the balance even further, resulting in a cataclysmic war that will be decided by the fragile alliances and proper use of stealth skills that your units possess.

Promote and manage your army, and fight for supremacy in an alien world scorched by <span class="bold">War Wind</span> and <span class="bold">War Wind II: Human Onslaught</span>, DRM-free on
Great work GOG! And good prices. ;) *thumbs up* I sincerely hope these reviews end up better than the reviews for some of the Warhammer games, though.
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I'm pretty bad when it comes to RTS games. But these ones look really cool. I think I will give the first one a try.
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Gog releases, yay... nice one, wishlisting for now.
Another Games GOG is publisher:) Greats. Thanks :)
I never heard of War Wind, but I like the sprite work. Reminds me a lot of Warcraft I & II, which looked just fantastic back in the day.
Never heard of these, but they look nice and the reaction of everyone else in this thread is enough to make me wishlist them both :)
hmm... i think I played the demo of this a long time ago. Isn't this the one where the human hero goes "This rooooocks" every time you click him to go somewhere?

Release Wargame Construction Set III: Age of Rifles and Steel Panthers 2 too...please.
What is this game? I've never heard of it before. It looks like reskinned warcraft
And oldschool rts is always welcome!
Published by GOD, I mean, GOG!

another boring day at work

wonder what's new on GOG

*loads site*

Ah, from the days when the RTS ruled the gaming market. Nice to have more good old games here under the GOG imprimatur!