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Blowing with the wind of nostalgia.

<span class="bold">War Wind</span> & <span class="bold">War Wind II: Human Onslaught</span>, two classic fantasy RTSs bursting with gruesome battles and stealth shenanigans, are available now, DRM-free on

In a world not unlike ours, where the most enlightened and powerful nation rules the other three with an iron fist, anarchy is about to break out. The first War Wind carries with it the battlecries of the four diverse races, fighting for resources, building their strongholds, and leading their armies of upgradable units through 28 different scenarios.

By the time the War Wind II: Human Onslaught starts blowing through the land of Yavaun, the power struggle between the four races has evolved significantly. The arrival of Humans upsets the balance even further, resulting in a cataclysmic war that will be decided by the fragile alliances and proper use of stealth skills that your units possess.

Promote and manage your army, and fight for supremacy in an alien world scorched by <span class="bold">War Wind</span> and <span class="bold">War Wind II: Human Onslaught</span>, DRM-free on
by the way, somebody should share this on the r/games subreddit
Yet another person that's never heard of these games, let alone played them.

Would one of the super enthusiastic people, when they have time and the inclination, post why the games are so awesome, please?

Trusting in the reaction of fellow GOGgers, I've wishlisted them, though. ;)
Great job GOG !!!
Getcomposted: Yet another person that's never heard of these games, let alone
One of the first RTS games to introduce RPG elements. All individual units cam be customized.
I never heard of it and yes it does look like Warcraft. Interesting.

I like those old school RTS games too, except 7th Legion.
ShadowWulfe: One of the first RTS games to introduce RPG elements. All individual units cam be customized.
You had me at RPG. :P
Think i had the 2nd one but cant remember much about it.
Nice, no series discount unfortunately but something for the wishlist.
just installed and started the tha'roon campaign. everything seems fine, except the game and the cursor start to stutter when moving the mouse. anyone else has this problem?
Post edited August 18, 2016 by Smogg
FINALLY! I have both games lying around somewhere but making them run sensibly was a nightmare, even after using some decent wrappers both still suffered from a variety issues, the first one crashing at random, more and more frequently the further I got into the game. Hope that's completely gone in this release.

So, awesome release. The games surely aren't masterpieces but their unique gameplay, setting and atmosphere alone make them super worthwhile to me. Thank you, GOG!
Interesting. Never heard of these before. Hmmmm....
I've never heard of these games too.
Look interesting.
Really good to see this here. I have to wait, but once I have some spare cash I know what I am getting.
nvali: *yawn*
another boring day at work

wonder what's new on GOG

*loads site*

Same reaction here :D
I've never heard of it before
but as some others have said it does kinda look like warcraft.
Wishlisted for later.