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Blowing with the wind of nostalgia.

<span class="bold">War Wind</span> & <span class="bold">War Wind II: Human Onslaught</span>, two classic fantasy RTSs bursting with gruesome battles and stealth shenanigans, are available now, DRM-free on

In a world not unlike ours, where the most enlightened and powerful nation rules the other three with an iron fist, anarchy is about to break out. The first War Wind carries with it the battlecries of the four diverse races, fighting for resources, building their strongholds, and leading their armies of upgradable units through 28 different scenarios.

By the time the War Wind II: Human Onslaught starts blowing through the land of Yavaun, the power struggle between the four races has evolved significantly. The arrival of Humans upsets the balance even further, resulting in a cataclysmic war that will be decided by the fragile alliances and proper use of stealth skills that your units possess.

Promote and manage your army, and fight for supremacy in an alien world scorched by <span class="bold">War Wind</span> and <span class="bold">War Wind II: Human Onslaught</span>, DRM-free on
nvali: *yawn*
another boring day at work

wonder what's new on GOG

*loads site*

kresegoth: Same reaction here :D
Ditto that.

Plus it's always nice to have a playable version to go along with my original CDs that are stored away in a safe place.
Holy cow, I always wanted to try War Wind! Didn't even know there was a sequel.

Wishlisted for now, waiting for some reviews.
Ooo, these look interesting. Will definitely grab these at some point.
F4LL0UT: FINALLY! I have both games lying around somewhere but making them run sensibly was a nightmare, even after using some decent wrappers both still suffered from a variety issues, the first one crashing at random, more and more frequently the further I got into the game. Hope that's completely gone in this release.

So, awesome release. The games surely aren't masterpieces but their unique gameplay, setting and atmosphere alone make them super worthwhile to me. Thank you, GOG!
How much hand-holding do the units require? For me the gold standard is RoN. I got spoiled by RoN and now can't go back to micromanaging and babysitting my units. That has killed my interest in most RTS games :(
Very nice. This was the game that Klumpen was waiting for.

Never played this but will get it definitely. It so much reminds me of Warcraft 1-2.

Thank you gog.
low rated
foxworks: Interesting. Never heard of these before. Hmmmm....
same here....

the game looks familiar but that might be due to the fact that in the 90's many games were released that looked almost indentical to one other.

I got curioius so i searched for gameplay on youtube, it looks quite good but it has some things which made me decide not to buy it:

i loved the old c&c and redalert (before it went down the drain for me after they turned it into a bad 3d version)
so thats wht i automatically compare games like these to red alert and c&c.
These games were very easy and fast to get into, i think the games ww & ww2 are to difficult, take to many actions before i can do anything (compared to old c&c and redalert and dune 2 and dune 2000)

check screenshot 1.jpg

I will skip the game because:

1) the building use a menu with subtiles which appear when you mouse over the structure , seems these are used to build units ?, this is way to 'complex' for me, i want to dive in a game and strat pumping tons of units without mouse over buildings to create units... (slows gameplay for me)

2) seems the selected units are surround by squares even when moving, is a bit awkward

red alert 1+2 and cnc didnt had those thay had a better smaller slection to show if a unit was active
check : redalert1+2.jpg

3) sound and effects are too many at once, weird creature voices, ...

Anyway, its not what i hoped it would be


story, movies

Its an old game and maybe if the sounds effects are all seperate standard wav or mp3 files , then i would be able to remove these files or replace echoiing sounds (sensitive to strange echo sounds, motions, and flashyvisual, so i have to be very carefull in what i buy)
with a click :D i done that before, cause sometimes for me, irri soundeffects spoil my game.
If the resources are in a weird packed big resource file then i have no control over the sounds.

update: im gonna try WW 2 and see what its like
got it :D
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Is this game similar to the M.A.X. series?
IronArcturus: Is this game similar to the M.A.X. series?
No, MAX is turn based. Well, at least the first one is, and we don't speak about the 2nd one :P

edit: Scratch that. Apparently it is a realtime/turn-based hybrid
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Nice. Very nice. Potentially awesome since it looks like GOG is buying up the Dreamforge catalog bit by bit, which may mean Chronomaster and Veil Of Darkness at some point. And The Summoning.
Watched a few YouTube gameplay videos and looks like the games could be fun to play. Wishlisted for now - will wait for more reviews and a sale.
foxworks: Interesting. Never heard of these before. Hmmmm....
Maybe a cool promo video/trailer could help those who are sittin' on the fence ;P
ikrananka: Watched a few YouTube gameplay videos and looks like the games could be fun to play. Wishlisted for now - will wait for more reviews and a sale.
Link me the vid, man! Please! :)
Oooooh! The Warwind series finally arrives on GoG! Published by GoG too!!!
I got interested in these games after reading somewhere that the different races you can play are quite different from each other, something I liked a lot in Starcraft (it feels like playing three different RTS games, whether you are playing Terran, Zerg or Protoss).

Unfortunately the little I played War Wind, it didn't quite give the same feeling I was hoping for. I guess I need to give it another try at some point.

IronArcturus: Is this game similar to the M.A.X. series?
Matewis: No, MAX is turn based.
I think you can decide yourself whether it is turn-based or runs in real time? I haven't tried the latter though, not sure how it works.
Post edited August 18, 2016 by timppu
XYCat: What is this game? I've never heard of it before. It looks like reskinned warcraft
No, its more than just reskin who was popular back then.

Few differences for the first part (didn't played second, only first back then):

1. You actually can enter buildings by your units.
2. If i remember correctly, you can produce vehicles, but you need troops to sin in them to use. Also, you can disembark the crew back to infantry.
3. Each unit can be customized.
4. There is no humans in first War Wind. Only alien races. :)

Actually, a very different experience than C&C or Warcraft.