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You get a lightsaber!

Star Wars™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, in which you master weapons of the Jedi and face the very real temptations of the dark side, is now available for Windows, DRM-free on with a 20% launch discount.

Dark Forces revolutionised the early days of first person shooting. Star Wars™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II improved on the experience in almost every imaginable regard, as the series once again established a significant milestone in 3D action gaming. If the words "You get a lightsaber" weren't enough to get you hyped about this title back in the day, then the truly-3D environments and models, RPG elements, and unprecedented freedom of movement complemented by a varied arsenal of weapons and Force powers would have done it.

Star Wars™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II is a must-play for gamers looking to experience or relive gaming history, and the treatment now makes this easier than ever. At the end of the day, it's a game that allows you to discover the Force entirely on your own - to walk the light path of a Jedi hero, or to unlock the sheer destructive power of the dark side - and that is just plain awesome.

Get your lightsaber and master the Force in Star Wars™ Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II, available now, DRM-free on The 20% launch discount will last for 72 hours, until Friday, January 30 at 1:59 PM GMT.
MrAlphaNumeric: Other digital distribution platforms..* cough* Steam *cough*.. should take note of this level of quality for old games.
That's why I keep shouting that it's better to have 10 good old titles released but 100% working just as they should, than have 100 with bugs, no music, no videos etc etc.. :-)

GOG = Quality ;-)
Jedi Knight bundled with Mysteries of the Sith and with working in-game music? Instabuy!
Instabuy. It's been well over a decade since I've been able to play this one.
xxxIndyxxx: Okay and what about my other questions?

1) Does it actually work better then the steam version (working music, working hardware accelleration, fullscreen movies,....)?

2) Is it mod-able.
JudasIscariot: Videos and music work and if they don't please write :) The videos are in full screen. Hardware acceleration works on most Windows versions save for Windows 8 (caveat: it MIGHT wok on Nvidia cards and Windows 8 but we can't guarantee that it will...)

As for modability that depends on the mod(s) that you wish to use.
Hmm it appears at first try that JK enhanced mod doesn't work with this version...
Humm, no brazilian portuguese makes me wonder... the voiceovers are amazing and the localization is supreme. So top notch it even made the game sell like 50k+ copies here, if I remember correctly.
Still have it in mint condition, boxed, manuals, etc.
Want me to send to you, GOG? I'll do it for posterity (and maybe some code$ for Pillars... JK)

Instabuy. I'll take my chances with Wine on this one. Epic release.
I noticed the "Windows 8 compatibility notice: Hardware mode is not supported." Are there any other games on GOG that could have this compatibility notice and then Win8 could be put under "Works on", or is this a special circumstance? (I'm thinking of Populous 3; does it have real problems even in software rendering?)
Dark Forces 2 working properly? Instabuy.
No luck with 3D Acceleration :)
mots.jpg (63 Kb)
Novotnus: No luck with 3D Acceleration :)
Looks like your GPU made the jump to hyperspace.
fronzelneekburm: Looks like your GPU made the jump to hyperspace.
...and cutscenes in MotS (in-engine) are full screen but kind of... fast-forward :)
So I guess they are preparing for hyperspace :)
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Novotnus: No luck with 3D Acceleration :)
It's gone into plaid.
Wait, wrong franchise.
Yep, 3d acceleration does not work on Windows 8.1 with a AMD Radeon R9 270x for me, however the rest seems to work perfectly. Despite that, it's still a far superior release from the Steam version. It works much better considering full screen videos work and the music works. I wish 3d acceleration worked, but who knows, maybe in the future it will. I can't blame GOG for a technical limitation.
Daliz: Instabuy. I'll take my chances with Wine on this one. Epic release.
Waiting for your report ;)
Menus are fullscreen.
Cutscenes are fullscreen.
Music works properly.
Most of the options work properly, aside from some graphic options.
The base game and the expansion are separate downloads.

Nice job, GOG tech people.
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