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Metal Wolf Chaos XD is now available DRM-free.

Sometimes the President of the United States needs to step up and take matters into his own angry hands. Put on his radical mech suit and rampage through the Grand Canyon, Brooklyn Bridge, and even the White House garden as you take apart the vice president's treacherous attempt at a coup.

The gloriously over-the-top shooter of 2004 returns with updated visuals, refined controls and gameplay, plus 16:9 support.
Gandos: Anyone have a picture of the GOG skin? I'm curious to see how it looks like.
SCPM: Here you go:
Thank you. It actually looks pretty nifty!
Vice-President Richard Hawk and the mechanized legions he commands
Is this a reference to Nixon?
tinyE: I wouldn't pay $20 for a box set. :P

Well, maybe The Who, but that's it!
Renki: FromSoftware soundtracks are expensive. The Dark Souls Trilogy Vinyl set is over $300. Still $20 is quite steep for a digital OST. The game is super fun though, just get it without the OST.
The Dark Souls Trilogy vinyl is 119 euros, which is a low price for 9 fancy records. $300+ is the current scalper price - may I suggest not buying from scalpers?