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Welcome back to the family.

Mafia is now available DRM-free and only on
The action/adventure classic that you really shouldn't refuse, finally returns. Embark on a celebrated open-world thriller and follow Tommy Angelo's rise (or fall, depending on your perspective) to a perilous life of high-stakes crime in 1930s America. The city of Lost Heaven is your playground, as long as you don't let the police catch you in the act, wise guy.

NOTE: This rerelease of Mafia has an edited soundtrack and does not include any licensed music.
Very nice, too bad about the licensed music though.
Nice release! :) Which licensed music is lost? :)
avatar NOTE: Due to copyright issues, Mafia does not contain any licensed music - only the game's original soundtrack.
OMG I LOVE YOU GOG!!!!!!1!1!1!1111!!!!11!!1!!1!!11!
thanks!!! now we need vietcong 1 and 2 from 2k games!
I have the CD version, any way to use that to mod back in the licensed music to the gog version like with Quake?
high rated
As I remember a lot of the game's atmosphere was derived from its licensed music. In fact, this was one of the game's defining themes.

If it only has the "original" soundtrack, I can imagine it being a rather unmelodious game.

I just hope my Steam version doesn't have the music retroactively pulled out of it (see Vice City & San Andreas for particularly egregious examples of why Steam is generally a bad idea).
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Should I pass on this?
Incredible. Haven't had the pleasure of skipping past the race in a long long time.
Experiment513: Nice release! :) Which licensed music is lost? :)

It would be nice if somebody could show a way to re-install the missing music (I have the old CD Version of the game). Thanks a lot!
Experiment513: Nice release! :) Which licensed music is lost? :)
All :(.Cheers
Experiment513: Nice release! :) Which licensed music is lost? :)
Probably this:
It is unfortunate that the licensed music was removed.
Understandable, yet unfortunate.
This game seems like it would be one of those games that has the in-game radio to improve the game environment/atmosphere.

Regardless, thanks 2K and GOG for the release! It's always nice to see new titles being released.
Very nice! I have this on Xbox. I'll definitely buy it again here in a sale eventually though :)

Why the weird price though? It's $11.85 for me without getting any wallet funds back.
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