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A girl's bizarre trip…

<span class="bold">Fran Bow</span>, a story-driven psychological horror adventure, is available now for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux, DRM-free on

Fran Bow is just a girl. A girl with a problem. She came home one day to find her parents gruesomely dismembered. After a desperate escape to the woods with Mr. Midnight - her only cat, and only friend - she wakes up in an unmistakably new home: the mysterious Oswald Asylum. Mr. Midnight is unfortunately missing, and that's just not okay.
Fran Bow sets out to creep you out and terrify you with a beautifully unsettling hand-drawn art style, and and an awfully disturbing story of a girl trapped in a spiral of shock, fear, and self-administered medication. In true classic point-and-click style you'll discover a fantastic story interspersed with puzzles, unique mini-games, and a dose of psychosis.

Grab your cat, pop your pills, <span class="bold">Fran Bow</span> is available now, DRM-free on
AlienMind: It has. The person with the credit card or bank account restricts himself to give this to unobserved children.
Strijkbout: I'm just talking about the video here, kids may get traumatized for weeks watching this, there's no warning whatsoever at the start.
you're worried about the video for a horror game,when kids can go to youtube and vevo and watch violence and profanity like this with the warning being "explicit" ? Oh,did I mention the body shots that may as well be softcore S&M porn? <-- start of vevo vid does have the TVMALVN warning,but are children gonna stop for the warning? It's why my grand-daughters aren't allowed to watch music videos here anymore unless they check the video with us.
for examples, go to 2:00 min mark, then watch from 6:00 min onward.THAT would be more taumatizing then this animated game trailor!

I found an inventory problem whilst playing the game, of which I've already apprised the developers. However I should like to share it with you in order that you don't commit the same error as me.

I've cluttered my inventory with an object (6 times) I shan't disclose (spoilers) as a result of which I can't see/access other objects I've picked up along the way, which means I've become stuck and I can't make any progress in the game.

I hope they patch the game allowing objects to be dropped or shuffled about in the inventory for instance. I don't think I would like to start the game again just yet.

Any ideas would be welcome.

Ah! I found savedata.ini at C:\Users\lupus\AppData\Roaming\Fran_Bow and solved the problem by turning all the inventory values of the multiplied item to 0.000000

That corrected the problem. :-)
this really looks like a unique adventure game , definitely going on my wish list and hoping it goes on sale for autumn
mintee: this really looks like a unique adventure game , definitely going on my wish list and hoping it goes on sale for autumn
It's highly recommendable.
Damn, this game is something else! The art style is great, and the disturbing, psychedelic story is completely unhinged and quite fascinating. Also, it kinda hurts to see that little girl go through a hell like that... As far as click-and-point adventures go, this one is pretty good too; most riddles and obstacles make sense in the weird logic of the game's world.

I was a backer for this game, and I have no regrets. Delivery accepted! :-)