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Guilt never truly dies.

<span class="bold">Deadlight: Director's Cut</span>, the enhanced edition of the moody, zombie-blasting side scroller, is available now, DRM-free on with a 15% launch discount.

It's 1986 and the world has ended. Half-eaten corpses fill the streets, as scavengers move about like shadows, looking for the means or a reason to stay alive in this hellish reflection of Seattle. Randall Wayne already has a reason: his family is out there and to reach them he is prepared to blast, punch, or blow up every last bastard that dares stand in his way - undead or otherwise.
The brutal encounters and the tense chase sequences now feel smoother than ever, as Director's Cut brings more responsive controls and additional animations. Whenever you feel like stepping out of the wonderfully oppressive story, you can fire up the added Survival Arena mode to cut down the zombie hordes with new devastating weapons and conquer the leaderboards. It's definitely something to reminisce when you browse through the Developer Diaries or the atmospheric art-book.

Delve deep into the bleak world of flesh-eating shadows with <span class="bold">Deadlight: Director's Cut</span>, available now DRM-free on The 15% discount will last until June 28, 06:59 AM UTC.

Twitch alert + Giveaway
Join Outstarwalker on <span class="bold"></span> on Tuesday, June 21, 4 PM UTC/ 12 PM EDT for some post apocalyptic action and a chance to win 5 codes of Deadlight: Director's Cut, courtesy of Deep Silver.
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Saw this and thought "ah, cool my GOG copy will get a free upgrade from the previous release"... did some poking around and... I don't own it on GOG. LOL

Turns out I own it on Steam, and it isn't a free upgrade, nor a DLC, nor a "pay $x to upgrade your existing version" that I can tell, but rather a "here's the same game improved, please buy it again and pay 5 times the current price of the original". I mean, is this version 5 times more entertaining, 5 times more content, 5 times more something else? :)

On Steam reviews for this game, the original game has an 81% positive rating, and the new version a 60% positive rating where by the negative reviews are pretty brutal to say the least, with people recommending the older cheaper more playable version. Not even a customer loyalty discount. From the sounds of it in some of the reviews people consider it to be paying for bug fixes to the original.

So I'm gonna have to say meh to this one. :)
The game is pretty good, but extremely short. It has almost zero re-playability due to it's extremely linear game play; unless your a perfectionist who wants to gather all collectibles.