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Photographer: I'm gonna wear green and enter the jungle without a safe word.
Parrot: Close enough.

Terrifying Talent!
Giuseppe Conte as the "Doom Guy"
(DPCM = "Decreto del Presidente del Consiglio dei Ministri" = lit. "Decree of the President of the Council of Ministers")
Honest Government: The Machine

Honest Government: The Recession

(swearing, politics)
Sitting on the job?! Not on my watch!
optical illusions
Family Guy Roasting Every Woman Compilation
Jedis get old too...
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Hilarious Examples Of People With A Great Sense Of Humor
xkcd: Ten Years

I am so emotionally invested with these characters' lives.
Guilty as charged.


This kitten is so cute it doesnt look real!!

A little extra help

Two endangered golden monkeys hugging each other


Happy Emu

Starbucks has really upped their prices

"That's incentive."

Snuggle schonky :)

Unmute approved

Reduces Excessive Shedding

Far far away
Muddy dogs

If they all just took a second to think.

"They found the monolith"

Easy Rider

How a tradition began and ends.

The Road

It just keeps getting better (Sound on!)
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Warhammer 40k Downvote/Upvote Reactions

Zooom *dink*

Secret to eternal happiness

The ultimate guide to studies

Descent into madness

He ded

Your special effects are laaaaaaaaame
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Shocking interview with an ex Blizzard Employee about Diablo Immortal