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Gestures to protect the Others
On the Side of the Flat Earth...


Hide and Sick


Back then the world was a better place
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2020 Comedy wildlife photography award finalists

For science
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This is a picture from the recent Astra launch. Never seen a rocket plume like this before. It's a capture from Scott Manley's video here.
astra.jpg (256 Kb)
So Beautiful

What do people know about love?... nothing

Giant Alaskan Malamute

I agree to that

Surprise, surprise, corporations lie!

This one is hard

Archeological Beauty


how a teacher walk around a classroom during a test

How the..


Trapped underclass

An example of how a camera's shutter speed changes due to the amount of light being let into the camera.

Healthcare is better than sickness care

Ah yes.


Capuchin Teaching Human How To Crush Leaves
Conformal Cyclic Cosmology
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Really cool Warhammer animated movie about the dealings of a certain chapter during the 2d war on Armageddon

the first 10 episodes are mount together as one movie to watch, about 1,5 hours

the last 5 episodes ( 15 in total ) can be seen also for free through his channel

Don't want to give away any spoilers but, to those finding the first 20 mins hard to bear i would say " Stand Firm Brothers! "

i belief it to be certainly worth your time in a same way that for example dawn of war was worth your time
The Present
Size does matter

a light scaled exploration from the smallest to the largest in a sci fi popularity contest setting
Social Justice Is Great For Videogames
mind blown
The Truth About Face Masks
Games as a service is fraud
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Nostalgia Nerd - Windows Hidden Self Destruct Code

This was Microsoft's attempt to truly kill Digital Research's DR-DOS, and although it worked, it wasn't long until the true nature of Microsoft's practices was uncovered.