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Haha! Pants-Pisser!

Omelette du Fromage...

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Ever think about that?

Wow, Rude

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A Discussion That Bored Me to Death
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Vehicular porn:

TSFW: Totally Safe For Work. Been drooling over this site the last few days.
Yeah, the AV Club. I like it. If you think gog's website redesign was bad, you certainly didn't witness the recent-ish changes in the AV Club. But still, I keep enjoying the content. So, three things :

"Age of Heroes". A sequential analysis of each year's most genre-defining superhero movie :

"History of Violence". Same thing but about action movies :

"The biggest tech lies of 2018", just an article about this year's major bullshit statements pertaining to technology :

I also enjoy their commentaries on tv series (even when I disagree with them), and often check the relevant article after an episode. Even though they tend, as a general rule, to be much much too forgiving : for instance.
The effect of F.E.A.R.'s 10mm HV Penetrator rendered with the UT4 engine.
(WARNING: Graphic)
worker.jpg (81 Kb)
Andy Serkis reprises Gollum character to mock May's Brexit plan
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Holiday Shipping Deadlines for 2018

Cuddling with nature.


Girl Gets Attacked By Friendly Bear

You Died (fixed)

Home Alone, but with gravity


Wait for it..
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Hmm, is this for sale on GOG yet..

The Town With No Name
Do Not Go Gentle Into EVE Online

Just beautiful. All of it ingame graphics, although in the game you will mostly see red target squares on small dots most of the time.
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Season's greetings, porch pirates -- glitter bomb w/ fart spray. lol
rare footage
swsoboleski89: rare footage
Rare bigfootage indeed.
ICYMI investigates: have the Yellow Vests come to London?