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Your name is Sean O'Donnell, a lot of people call you "Sean-O" because there is another "Shawn" (Shawn Henderson) who lives in the village (though he's gone to stay in Nashua at this time.)

You came to the area of Oakwood almost 8 years ago to see if it might be the sort of community that you felt was worth settling down in for a lifetime. You were hoping to find a nice place with a decent-sized clearing where you could graze and breed and raise cattle and provide their sustenance to a town or village that did not yet have much of them. You found a perfect spot on the slightest of sloped hills here in Oakwood Village, and raising cattle is what you are doing, as no one else in the village ever had but 1 or 2 cattle at a time ever, as the forests aren't naturally conducive to the roaming space they need.

You had brought six cattle with you on your journey to start breeding them immediately and increase the number of cattle for the community quickly, but things went a bit differently than you had initially hoped, before you were to receive any of those things from the village, something else found you and your cattle on the night of your arrival to the area.

It was the night of a Full Moon, and a small pack of werewolves had been out on the prowl for some wild deer or elk to feast upon, and they found an opportunity in you and your cattle. You had thought the conditions of your journey that brought you here that night were fortuitous. The sky was clear and bright and the air was a mild temperature that was perfect for travelling through the night with a herd of cattle. You and your cattle made the last 10 miles down that seemingly forever dirt road you took from Nashua like they knew that where they were going was going to be a good place, and you felt like it, too.

Now you know that they were simply driven on by fear from the scent of wolves in the forest who were intentionally driving you along to a point of ambush. Though, Oakwood Village is no doubt still definitely a good place to live! Your cattle stopped moving, you heard a noise in the tree above you and as you looked up, a beast like you'd never seen before came down upon you. He overpowered you quickly before you really knew what was going on and turned you over and slashed you across your back and you blacked out.

When you regained consciousness you were in a house in a comfortable bed. Your wounds were tended and you were almost completely recovered from the attack. Nathaniel Smith was standing over you. He introduced himself and asked how you were feeling and then welcomed you to Oakwood Village. Then, without skipping a beat and as if it were no big deal (even though he knew it was, but he acted that way as to not alarm or upset you, you understood), he told you that not only was he a werewolf, but that he had made you one as well and that he was your Alpha. You actually enjoy being a werewolf for the most part. By the time your first full moon came, you were his servant and ready to let the beast within take hold and see what it was like to feel the change.

You were also told that two of your cattle had been killed that night in order for you to not be killed. He and the other wolf involved had to satiate their craving right on the scene after attacking you and the desire over took them. You've since bred numerous more cattle over many generations. You keep two bulls in two separate pastures and mix anywhere from four to eight cows among them at any given time for breeding, and so there are often any number of calves of varying ages around too. The herd is well-sized and healthy.

You understand that it is better a cow of yours under your awareness and discretion gets eaten on the rare occasion rather than another villager's livestock or a villager themselves. You understand that the death or disappearance of other people's animals would draw notice and concern among the villagers, which was something Nathan always tried to guard against, and why he thought it was a great opportunity to convert you to his side, knowing he and the pack would then have access to an ideal meat-source at all times with no questions.

Overall, you are an upstanding member of the community and get along with everyone quite well. In fact, you have genuine love and care for a large portion of the villagers, and would never want your life here to change at this point. Almost everyone calls out "Sean-O!" when they see you. You are a jolly fellow and do whatever you can to help anyone whenever they need it if you can. Otherwise you spend most of your time laying low and tending your cattle. This area and community has proved to be fortuitous for you in more ways than one.

You have fed on only a couple humans since being turned, and if you are ordered to by your Alpha, you will obey to kill whoever he says must die. Some human flesh does taste good sometimes, after all, as you all usually feed on animals on the full-moon nights when you turn into werewolves and don't get humans very often at all.

When you arrived and started providing beef and dairy of all kinds to the village it began to thrive at a whole new level from before. They were already doing wonderfully well and thriving beyond what could be imagined for such a number of people in such a place, and with you it's even something more impressive. You've come to care for almost everyone here, and they care for you, and you are mostly happy with how life is and embrace the ways of being of a werewolf that are also part of your life.

Your fellow pack mates, aside from the Alpha Nathan, are: Adam Johnson, Dan Evans, and Fergus Perkins.
Your name is Fergus Perkins. Sometimes people call you Ferg or Fergie, but they're just as likely to call you Fergus, you think it just depends on their mood and how they feel. You like all of the names and respond cheerfully to each.

You came over on a boat from Ireland to New England in 1688, stayed for one year in some God-awful over-crowded town on the Eastern Seaboard and knew you needed to get to living a much more rural life-style than what town offered. So, you headed off on a road north and went from road to road to town to village to city to village to town to smaller town and yet smaller village, always picking roads that headed northward between each place, and more roads north, and more, and you just kept heading north as long as there seemed to be a road that took you further away from people.

You kept going until the roads seemed as if they weren't roads and that they might not lead anywhere because they just went on for so long. Until finally one day in your travels, you aren't sure exactly what year, you could figure it out if you thought about it, but anyway, one day:

You came to a very small little settlement called Nashua, where there were less than a dozen homes and three town buildings "in town", and everyone else who resided there was scattered through a hillside and woods in their own cozy little spots that seemed very agreeable. It seemed like a nice settlement to call home well enough, but you still wondered what laid beyond if you continued to follow the road north out of Nashua. It was the frailest of "roads" you'd ever seen yet, mostly just a wide path that pointed into the depths of the woods.

You decided to stay in Nashua for a few days, rest, think, and see how you liked it there before making any final decisions. You liked Nashua well enough, certainly, and could see yourself building a house in any number of places off in the woods around here for miles. The people there told you the community of people that lived further on down the road was a group of maybe thirty, they weren't entirely sure, and that they were all scattered through the woods and were seeming to do well carving out a life for themselves together up there. They also told you that it was a good 70 miles away through thick woods, and that there was no road or path of any sort northward out of it, the only roads or paths that lead anywhere aside from into the wilderness up there were ways that lead back to the main road that led back to Nashua.

You decided you'd follow the road and go check out what the Nashuans said was called "Oakwood Village" and resupplied with all you thought you might need if you were not going to be coming back to Nashua for a time, you had no idea what there was to be had in Oakwood Village.

It was the middle of the day when you finally came to the end of what seemed like an almost endless path in the forest. You found that it led you right up to The Community Home, a beautiful building that stood out as a structure of importance and meaning for those who lived here. It gave the vibes of a loving place. It appeared suddenly in view, like some sort of magic trick, because of the area cleared around appeared in view on the path seemingly from out of nowhere. It was magnificent building, sitting there all proud and sturdy before you, buried deep within the thick forests of Maine. A thing you would have never imagined to be in the middle of such an expanse as this. Immediately upon seeing it you felt inspired and drawn, and overall the area felt to you that it was exactly the sort of middle of no-where place that you would call home for the rest of your life.

You looked around for the village's inhabitants, and you soon met many of them as you went around the area. They were doing work of all kinds, hard work, and getting along together and living a life that you too wanted to live, no question. They all took to you quite well, and you took to them just as well. You built your house and most of them helped, and in the interim they let you stay in The Community Home for the season it took you all to build a bigger and more beautiful home than you could have ever hoped for. You could tell these people were very resourceful and knew what they were doing. They are a loving group, and you are glad to be a part of them. This is a great place to live and you are glad you found it after all those miles of travel.

You have a large vegetable farm. You mostly grow corn and potatoes and provide most of the corn and potatoes for almost everyone in the village in one capacity or another. You also have a small variety of other things in much less abundance that you grow for personal consumption as well, just as most people do - some tomatoes, onions, lettuce, and spinach, among other things.

You have come to care for most of the village and most in it quite deeply, and you also feel that the well-being of the village is part of your responsibility just as must as anyone's.

You've been living here a little over 4 years and you have married a beautiful woman named Mary and you have two children, Sam who is 3, and Jenna, who is almost 2. They have all gone to Nashua during this crisis, and you have stayed because:

You are a werewolf and are part of what is going on! Your Alpha Wolf is Nathaniel (Nathan) Smith. He turned you in January of this past year. Being a werewolf is new and scary, but you think it is shaping up to be the adventure of a lifetime, and you look forward to seeing how you do with it.

Your fellow packmates aside from your Alpha Nathan, are: Sean O'Donnell, Adam Johnson, and Dan Evans.
Your name is Justin Dawson. You moved to Oakwood Village with your wife, Ellen, fourteen years ago to start a family and live what you hoped to be a wonderful and simple life together until the day you die. Almost immediately upon moving here you both fit right in and got along well with everyone. They are now like your extended family and you care about them all and the village's well-being greatly.

By the beginning of your first fall here you had helped design and finish building your ideal home of a lifetime. It is in a beautiful spot way on the outskirts of the area, probably a good 6 miles from The Community Home (which you and Ellen stayed in for several of months before your home was built. The Community Home is like your second home, as it is for most of the villagers.)

Your house is located right on the edge of the all-encompassing woods, but the front of your house faces a giant, tall-grass meadow that you eventually got worked into a few large yet manageable fields for your family's farm.

One large field is fenced off and on it you have a decent-sized barn with some animals that roam (three horses, five goats, two pigs, an always varying number of chickens that roam both the fields and the forest.) You don't have any cattle or sheep. The second large field is split into three sections for numerous crops. Maintaining it all is hard work, and while you do help a lot on the farm, Ellen is the primary authority and manager of the farm. You spend significantly less time on it than your wife and your four boys, Jacob (Jake) who is 13, David (Dave) who is almost 12, Paul who is 9, and Eli who is 6 (named after Eli Ives, a good friend.)

While they do most of the farming, you spend most of your time out hunting. You hunt a lot. You go hunting at least three times a week, every week, and often more than that, and often your hunting trips run multiple days. If you don't get a few kills within a week's time it is considered a slow week for you, but that rarely happens.

Because of your devotion to hunting and everything involved with it, you have a medium-sized cabin (with a big porch that goes around the whole thing), and mini-shed right next to it for storage, built a good 400 yards away from the main house in which you base most of your hunting / hunting trips.

You keep all of your weapons and traps stored there, and there are a handful of comfortable beds for sleeping and it would serve as a nice modest home for any one, really. This cabin also has two different working facilities built outside on either side of it. On one side there is an outdoor structure, with tables and hooks and good drainage and a pump nearby that you use for butchering animals. You butcher many animals, whether they are yours from your hunts and your livestock from the farm that need slaughtered, or other people's animals of the same that they might want you to kill for them for whatever reason (a lot of people in the village do their own slaughtering and butchering, but not everyone.) On this side a bit further away into the woods from the slaughter area, there is a hide-tanning area .

On the other side of the cabin there are a variety of meat-curing structures, including two large and two medium-sized smoke houses, four meat-curing sheds, two fire pits of a decent size with all the spits, pans, and any other thing needed to cook or cure any piece of meat or cook any type of animal in any fashion at any time. You aren't just a skilled hunter, you are a skilled meat-cooker as well! You aren't too bad with vegetables either, but you have a passion for the meats.

You and all of your family are very good hunters, as are a good number of the other villagers in the community, but you come from a long line of exceptionally skilled hunters, both men and women, and you have been tracking and killing animals of all kinds since as early as you can remember in your life.

However, you are very modest about being such a skilled hunter, and you treat all hunters of every skill-level with equal respect, patience, and consideration. The truth is, everyone looks up to you and admires your skills and takes any chance they can to go out with you on a hunt even if just in the slightest hope to learn the littlest of things from observing you. You've taken a handful of people out several times and given some pointers here or there as well, even though you keep mostly to yourself and have the rightfully earned reputation of being hard to get words out of.

You've developed a strong and caring relationship with almost all of the villagers here. When you think about it, you aren't sure there is anyone in the village whose contributions and how they are all able to contribute to the success of it all never ceases to amaze you. You recognize that it takes every single one of you to make it as good as it can be. You and your family can't imagine living anywhere else, and you will defend the entire village and everyone in it as best you can to the very end. Hopefully your skills will come in useful during these trying times.
You are Laura Jennings. You are in your mid 20s (in the 1600s that means you are matured, skilled, and know yourself quite well and are an experienced adult.)

You have a variety of skills and passions, including cooking, baking, quilting, singing, and playing the flute. However, what you are most well-known for, as was your father and both his parents before him, is being an animal doctor. Your father was one of the original founders here in Oakwood and he brought you here with his wife when you were about 5 or 6 years old (you aren't exactly sure), to help establish the village. You have many memories of the development of the community and how it has grown over the years.

Your mother died about fifteen years ago, and your father died two winters ago. The whole community mourned his death with you, he was loved greatly by all. He was a loving and knowledgeable man who taught you everything he could. As much as you think the village would benefit from his presence in this dire situation, you are glad he doesn't have to see such horrible things happen to the community he loved and cared for so deeply.

You have worked with animals your whole life. You are the local animal care-taker. That mostly means that when animals are sick or behaving oddly or need help in any way you do what you can to help. Sometimes people will bring the animals to you, but you prefer to go to wherever an animal in need might be. It is best to see them in their natural environment (it also reduces their stress and possibility for aggravating injuries to not move them if it can be helped.)

Most of your time is spent going around to everyone's homes and farms and checking up on all the well-being and general health of any and all livestock, pets, horses, or whatever other animals people might want you to have a look at for whatever number of reasons (from a young boy's frog that has a sore throat to pregnant animals whose births are abnormal in some way, which happens regularly enough, and all things in-between.) You also help with a good number of animal births that are perfectly normal, but most people and animals tend to their own births perfectly fine without your assistance.

You love animals, but you don't tend to like humans much, humans are the worst of animals a lot of the times you think, and a lot more stupid than most other animals than most humans would have you think. You could spend all of your time with animals and none of it with humans for the rest of your life and you'd probably be happy with that. Animals are also better at letting you know what is wrong with them than their human companions ever are at telling you what is wrong with them. Silly humans.

However, you do admit that the community of villagers here is without a doubt the best group of people you have ever had the necessity to know and overall/mostly are people you have grown to care for, and who absolutely care for you, and you couldn't imagine living without.

You do realize that having other humans around is a necessity too, and you appreciate everything everyone in the village has to contribute. There are memories and impressions of where you lived before your parents moved here, but they are not positive and never something you try and remember in greater detail. What you remember is that you were glad to have been leaving from where you had been and were excited to be going on a long road trip, even though your father told you it was going to be hard and long. You remember travelling for a while and living off of the land for a period and liking that well enough. And then you remember Oakwood Village. It's all you know, really. You tried staying in Nashua for a little while some years ago, but didn't find it to your liking and came back to Oakwood.

This is your home, and you figure you will die here, just like your parents. With that, you saw no reason to flee when a potential danger arose for the village, and on top of that, you figured your animal-doctoring skills might possibly be useful, as well as your general knowledge and intelligent insight.
You are Marie Thomson. You are in your 20s. Your husband Howard died three years ago in the winter from a bad flu. The two of you had gotten married and moved to Oakwood Village just a little over five years ago to start a new life together. You were going to raise chickens and pigs together and also have strawberry and herb and tea fields to spend your days tending together. The chickens and pigs were going to roam around in the forest surrounding your home, and it was going to be a sweet life, you could see it starting to take shape - and then, he just died. Now you are alone. Now there are no pigs and no strawberries, and the field next to the herb and tea fields is an overgrown untended mess of grass, weeds, and juvenile trees with no useful purpose to them, almost like your life feels at times.

You wish you had a new husband, but as much as everyone in the village is wonderful and caring and lovable, and loving and caring of you specifically even, no one seems to want to marry you.

You wish you would have gone along with one of the dozen or so people who offered to help you temporarily relocate to Nashua with the rest of them while this situation went on, but you were stubborn and foolish, and really made a mistake, you think now. Now it is too late for you to go. You couldn't make it on your own through the forest to Nashua at this point, and so you must stick it out.

Your armpits sweat in anxiousness at the unknown future.

You wish you wouldn't have been one of the people who heard the screams of Wilma early this morning, and you really wished you hadn't run to find what you found - what everyone who found her found. You aren't sure you'll ever feel safe again after seeing that mess.

When you heard the screams you quickly recognized them as Wilma's. You are very close friends with her and you've spent lots of time with her and her children. You were one of the first few people to find her with Julie's remains in her hands.

Poor Julie...your brain starts to feel wobbly...

You really aren't sure how you're going to hold up through this whole situation, it's been an ebb and flow of emotions and states of mind and at any point you might snap.

You do care for everyone here, and for the well-being of the community. You do hope to live through it all and that everything is okay for the village in the end, but if one of any of them suddenly sets you off the wrong way, you can't be sure what might happen. You are scared!

You take a deep breath and try to calm yourself. It works only minimally.

There are a lot of chickens that free-roam the woods around your house that you watch over for a good portion of the community's food supply. At least a few times a day people come by asking for a chicken or some fresh eggs, and you are happy to provide, and in return you are provided with an abundance of other things from others from the community (from food to goods of all sorts, labor, whatever else you might need.) It is a wonderful group of people working together making things happen that no one could do on their own.

You also have an enormous herb garden with almost thirty different variety of herbs and tea. You spend most of your time clipping herbs and teas and hanging them to dry in bunches in your barn. There is a very large two-story barn that is used only for drying and storing everything you could ever grow and maintain here on your farm yourself. There are multiple levels and tiers with segments and rows all around the barn in different organized sections, and there are ladders and beams on which to climb and cross to take you to and between it all. There are also a series of openings that you've had specially built that allow you to adjust the airflow to your liking that keeps it from getting too stuffy and humid but not open to huge drafts or gusts of air that would cause dry herbs to fall into each other and cause a huge mess.

You and no one else is allowed to enter the labyrinth of hanging herbs that is your barn. One false move and someone could fall and bump and hit something and bring down and crush years worth of good herbs. You almost never let anyone even step foot in the barn, and if you do, they literally are only allowed to be 1 step into the barn with 1 foot to peak in and see it and are not allowed to move beyond that spot, it's just too precarious a risk. Your gut tightens just thinking about it.

You should make your way to The Community Home to talk with everyone about what happened. Ugh...The thought of walking through the woods makes your stomach drop and you almost pee yourself. You close your eyes and take another deep breath and start off into the woods towards The Community Home.
You are Emily Barton and you are one of the oldest people in the village. You've given birth to six children that have lived on to have lives of their own. Three of your children, with a total of 13 children of their own among them, live here in Oakwood Village. Well, they did until they left in a fast rush to Nashua to keep themselves and their children safe once it was decided the majority of everyone was to leave the area until the crisis here came to resolve. Eric is the only one who stayed, he is your eldest son, and you are not surprised he stayed to defend the village.

Your other sons felt terrible leaving you, but your body is just too frail to have made that trip to Nashua with any haste, no matter what cushions, pillows, blankets ,and other care they would have tried to take if you had wanted to go, and regardless, it has been known for quite some time that you will die here in Oakwood Village and that you'd probably never leave again, whether that time is soon or not is inconsequential to you at this point you suppose, but you really do hope to live through it all and see your whole family once again. You also hope that somehow you will be able to help your fellow villagers try and determine what is going on and resolve it with them.

Eric and his brothers, Earl and Edward, decided in their young man-hood that they wanted to move here and help start the community, so they did and you supported them. Eric and Earl were in their early teens, and of course Ed wanted to do whatever his older brothers wanted to do, and your will versus the will of three young men who are starting their lives was incomparable, even if you had wanted to tell them "no", which you didn't want and are glad they wanted to bring you to live here too. You love it here more than any place you've lived before. You are proud of how everyone in this community has contributed to help the village grow to be what it is.

You like to cook, sew, knit, you are good with plants and animals, you have numerous other skills and interests. You like dance but you can't dance anymore. More than anything, you love to sing and you are best known for your singing. Even in your old age, even if your voice isn't as silky smooth as it once was, you have a beautiful voice. You love to sing and often find yourself singing softly or humming to yourself no matter where you are or what you are doing.

You live in your own little cottage that was built for you over 10 years ago. You lived with Eric and his family when you first moved to Oakwood, but after a few years realized you'd like a small place to live on your own for the rest of your years, and they built your cottage for you. You love it. It is 1 floor, two rooms, simple, you can manage it fine all on your own, and most importantly, there isn't a bunch of bustle and noise about the place like at your childrens' with all of their kids.
You are Eric Barton. You are 36 years old and you are one of the original settlers of the village. You are the oldest of the 3 Barton brothers. Your brothers are Earl and Ed, and they also helped you found the village. Since arriving here you all have started your own families and built houses for yourselves and families and all been a positive presence and influence upon the community. Your mother is Emily Barton, and she was supportive to you and your brothers with your desire to move here and carve a new life out of nothing.

All of the people here are like family to you, you care for them all greatly, and they for you, and you see them all as important parts of an overall way of life that all rely on each other and thrive when they all thrive that has become an ever evolving and beautiful thing. You feel a responsibility to defend them all and the village and make it a safe place for them all to live once again. Your staying behind was no real surprise to anyone.

During these times, you have decided to stay on your brother Earl's farm in order to watch over his dogs. You are handy with all sorts of animals, but are most comfortable with chickens, of which you have dozens of living in the forest around your home. You do hope they are okay during this situation, but there's not much you can do for them.

You can, however, watch over and care for the dogs that live on and around your brother's property. Some stay outside, some stay in the barns at times, some patrol and come and go as they please, and some go in and out of the house depending on their mood. To care for them in the winter months becomes a hard task. However long this crisis lasts, until your brothers and the rest of the villagers return, they are in your care and you will do your best. A lot of the time they are able to watch out for themselves, which is nice, but they are at their best with someone they know around, and they know you well, and you them.

One of the other benefits to staying here is that your brother has a few stills on his property, and they are always producing something, you don't often keep track. You are a bit curious as to what he has going and ready at the moment, but, now is not the time for that.

You are off to The Community Home to talk with the villagers about what is best to do next. You aren't sure how long figuring that out will take, but you figure it will take course over at least several days, if not weeks, to decide what to do amongst you all.

Until then, you will do what you can to figure out what is going on and help the community in any way you can.
Your name is James Peterson. Almost everyone calls you Jim, and you are 34 years old. You are the older of the well-known Peterson brothers. You both are well-known for at least a few hundred miles in every direction for your skills with an axe and your ability to clear more trees and forest area faster than anyone else most people have ever heard of. You and your brother are a two-team mega-force of unmatched forest-clearing. You've never found a tree the two of you weren't able to fell (and some trees in the area get to be more than just a few feet in diameter!)

You like to wake before sunrise and watch the light start to creep in through the tree coverage. You like to make breakfast and have yours eaten early with bunch of food ready for Jay whenever he gets to it and once he's up and ready to eat. You enjoy a peaceful morning until he lets you know he's set to go, and then the two of you are off on whatever job you're working on that day. While you wait for him you usually like to either whittle wood and bird-watch off the front porch, or sometimes you'll go fishing in the creek, in which case he will notice your gear is gone and come find you when he's ready, and often will join you depending on the how pressing the need is to get to work that day.

Your passion for cutting trees came at an early age, you think you were 7 or 8 years old, when one day you and Jay had each taken axes from your father's work shed on a walk with you through the woods. The two of you found what you both thought would make for an excellent spot to overlook part of a valley on a nice incline, if only the trees hadn't been so thick. And so you started to thin them. The two of you spent several hours chopping away the trees until your hands bled from raw hands and popped blisters, which then got infected and kept you from chopping more trees for months.

As soon as you were able to sufficiently grip an axe again the two of you were back out in the woods, clearing the same spot, completely unaware of what you had started or were getting yourself into for the rest of your lives. After over a year, you had cleared only one quarter of the spot you had imagined getting cleared on that first day in the woods with an axe. After several years of this behavior from you both it became apparent that clearing trees would be your life's work, and as young teens you were already considered very skilled.

One day on a trip to the city with your brother the two of you saw one of the notices encouraging anyone interested in being part of establishing a new village to come and discuss such a potential and meet others who were interested.

Your brother and you jumped on the idea, excited to be part of helping to shape out an area in nature somewhere, were old enough that your parents couldn't tell you not to go, and you've been here since the beginning.

You've not only cleared trees to make fields and farms and meadows and places for homes to be built, but have also thinned some areas to allow for a break in the density of the forest and to accentuate certain geographies of the area in varying spots. You feel very connected to these woods. A lot of people view you as a powerful force against the mass of trees that exist, but in your extensive felling you've come to realize that it is the trees that have the real power. With all your cutting and clearing, you've come to realize that their immensity and power is unmatched and that you are but a small bit in the midst of them all and always will be.

You love this community and everyone that is a part of it. You hope you can help during this trying time.


Your name is Jason Peterson. People tend go back and forth between calling you Jason or Jay, and you like them both/identify as both. You are 32 years old. You are the younger of the two well-known Peterson brothers. You are well-known for at least a few hundred miles in every direction for your skills with an axe and your ability to clear more trees and forest area faster than anyone else. You and your brother are a two-team mega-force of forest-taming. You've never found a tree the two of you weren't able to fell (and some trees in the area get to be more than just a few feet in diameter.)

You like to sleep until mid-morning and get started later than a lot of people tend to, but it suits you, and once you get going you will work until the last bit of light allows, and then you'll go to bed late, staying up for hours working on a project or just relaxing playing music or whittling wood. You love to work with wood. You are a skilled wood craftsman and can make all sorts of things out of it, from a small whittled intricate ornament to whatever buildings might need constructed. Cabinets and chests -anything - if it is made out of wood it is likely you can make it.

Your passion for cutting trees came at an early age, you think you were 5 or 6 years old, when one day you and your brother had each taken axes from your fathers work shed with you on a walk through the woods. The two of you found what you both thought would make for an excellent spot to overlook part of a valley, if only the trees hadn't been so thick, and so you thinned them. The two of you spent several hours chopping away trees until your hands bled from raw hands and popped blisters, which then got infected and kept you from chopping more trees for months.

You had it worse than your brother by quite a bit, but you never let on that you hurt any more than he did. As soon as you were able to grip an axe sufficiently again the two of you were back out there, clearing more trees, completely unaware of what you had started or were getting yourself into for the rest of your lives. After several years of consistent behavior from you both in this regard it became apparent that it would be your life's work, and you were already very skilled at it.

At one point you went on a trip to the city with your brother and the two of you saw one of the notice calling for people to meet to discuss the establishing of a new village, and you were both immediately interested and attended, excited at the idea of being a part of helping to shape out an area in nature somewhere. You were old enough that your parents couldn't tell you not to go, and you've been here since the beginning.

You love this community and everyone that is a part of it. You hope you can help during this trying time.
Sorry I've been so absent everybody. I don't know that I'm ever going to do a justice-filled write up of this game.

I just want to say that it was extremely cool and fun, and I am VERY glad I signed up. I knew we'd be in for a flavor doozy, and I was right. I was hoping so much we could do even more with the flavor than we did. I actually took a bunch of inspiration from this game - drealmer, you can rest assured you've changed some real ideas for me on how I can run my next game. I'll keep it a secret how, though!

The stuff I was unhappy about Bookwyrm covered pretty closely in the observer thread, so I won't re-hash that. Mods just need to be careful with unintended consequences of trying to keep unruly players in line, as you can end up doing more harm than good.

I wish we could see each others' QT threads. I really want to see what the hell Nacho and bler were up to!

A HUGE thank you to the MU players who came over and added such fantastic new looks to the game. Thanks for not making me look bad, muah ah ha ha.

What an experience. Thanks drealmer and everybody else.
yogsloth: I wish we could see each others' QT threads. I really want to see what the hell Nacho and bler were up to!
Nothing exciting.

Mishmash of trying to figure out WTF, talking aloud about who I wanted to dayvig, and general whining.

The yoozhe.
nah, what you really want is Claire + Adam's kill flavor msgs
drealmer7: nah, what you really want is Claire + Adam's kill flavor msgs
GOG does not approve steamy posts...
yogsloth: I actually took a bunch of inspiration from this game - drealmer, you can rest assured you've changed some real ideas for me on how I can run my next game. I'll keep it a secret how, though!
Seriously now, I have to agree with this. This game was an eye opener for the possibilites that one can squeeze out of the format.
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drealmer7: nah, what you really want is Claire + Adam's kill flavor msgs
Brasas: GOG does not approve steamy posts...
The only steamy part about it is that it takes place in a basement that is cranking with heat because the more sweat and fluids moshing around, the better!

It's simply downright (well-written) gorerotica. For Claire, sex is violence, and she was able to let loose with Adam like she hadn't in a long time!

yogsloth: I actually took a bunch of inspiration from this game - drealmer, you can rest assured you've changed some real ideas for me on how I can run my next game. I'll keep it a secret how, though!
Brasas: Seriously now, I have to agree with this. This game was an eye opener for the possibilites that one can squeeze out of the format.
That means a lot to know, thanks both of you.

Know that it is all the awesome mods we have here that inspired me and I aspired to!
drealmer7: nah, what you really want is Claire + Adam's kill flavor msgs
Brasas: GOG does not approve steamy posts...
They were killed in the sauna?
Brasas: GOG does not approve steamy posts...
bler144: They were killed in the sauna?
Basement... sauna... there were valves for sure, and we can't have that here. No siree.