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If you don't need First Templar from "Atomic Indie" bundle, please send me the key. I like this type of games.
Thank you :)
Hi guys, do we have trade thread?
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Miljac: Hi guys, do we have trade thread?
Thank you :D
Big thanks to lugum to gift me Imperium Romanum ! :-)
The new Indie Royale :
I gotta thank Lugum for the Tropico trilogy gift. Can't wait to play it with my little one.
+1 mate!
They restocked some of the Indie Jam 2 keys on BundleStars, so if anyone gets an extra Two Worlds 2 key they don't want, I can take care of it for you.

Just looking for these if someone has the extra keys

Lucius key
Proteus key
Hotline Miami key
Serious Sam 2 key
A Valley Without Wind 1 & 2 keys
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I kindly repost my request for Dead Island Riptide as my friend wil go for Payday 2 so no need to wait for him with co-op, I will enjoy single player instead.
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A valley without wind 1&2 would be great! :D
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Schnuff: I'm broke (or better it takes too long for paypal to add my transfer) so i guess my list
won't be finished in time:

Don't Starve
Incredible Machine Mega Pack, The
Wrong thread. The one you want is HERE
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Updated my Steam wishlist with some indie titles .

Thank you .