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TL;DR I will be very grateful to receive 2D Game Creation Mega Bundle for my own game project. The current timer shows the bundle sale ends in about 10 days.

I'm creating my own strategy physical board game. The game is set in a fantasy world, it will use the changing board (so every playthrough should be quite unique) with the cards representing various items, obstacles, goals, locations and enemies. I'm working alone, without any team, the process of design is not so easy as I thought at start but I really enjoy it. The game lore details aren't set in stone yet (as the main thing I'm still working on are the details of all mechanics) but I'm going to use the stories from ancient and medieval times related to Poland.

One of my goals is to reduce "the element of luck" to let the player focus on strategic thinking. In the current version of design there are no dice rolls and all events look like some logical puzzles. I've played many different board and card games, now I'm trying to enhance and improve the things I liked in the past with some fresh and new ideas. Player will be able to play the game alone or with some friends (in cooperation or competition). I think that good and interesting solo mode, without the use of dice, is one of the hardest and the most challenging things to design in any board game but I'm trying my best.

It is very hard to publish the physical version of any game so when design and all playtests are completed I'm also going to start the work on the digital version. I was going to use Unity Engine as my platform of choice but after the recent controversy around this environment I've decided to switch to Godot Engine which is an open source game engine so it should not create such surprises in the future. The priority would be to release the digital version in at least two languages: my mother tongue and English. Letting the world play the digital version of my game will be a good chance to meet a large variety of players and maybe even more improve some mechanics before its final, physical release.

While working mostly with pen and paper cards I'm simultaneously in a process of gathering different game assets to speed up the developing the digital version of the game (when I'm ready for that step). This requested Humble Bundle has a big collection of different game assets that would nicely fit into the digital version of my project. I'm especially interested in SFX packs (like "Quest Game SFX" or "Ambient Game SFX") as the proper and good quality sound effects are the things I'm missing the most, they will greatly improve the experience of the players. If anyone feels generous and would like to support my creative work then I will be very grateful to receive this bundle as a gift.