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Long shot but if anyone has a Project Aftermath key from IR keft, I wouldn't mind it. :)

EDIT: Thanks to Azgrel for the Brazen keys!
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If anyone has a spare key for Painkiller Black Edition,I'd like to try it :)
RAGE: The Scorchers™ DLC ( worldvide version )

Thank you .
Microsoft 5-Game Arcade Pack would be on sale for $10 ($5 with coupon) from 1/27-2/2...

I would love have any game from the pack if you have extra..

I'm also interested in trading for the pack..
Final Edit

GiveAway Removed AS NO ONE WANTED MY CODE before it expired

Man, can't even give stuff away. :(
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I would appreciate if someone gift me Penumbra:Collector Pack
please contact me by PM
What i wanted for such a long time for $4.99 :O
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All I am wanting right now is the Humble Indie Bundle 7 if anyone has any extra codes or the bundle it self please PM me
I´ll really apreciatte if someone could give me a game named Orion: dino beatdown it looks amazing
I Want to make a deal too i have some 90% discount coupons for death rally on steam but not money to buy it so if someone would be kind enough to buy a copy for me (Only 1$ with discount) I could share some coupons please send me a pm if someone is interested
Okay, so I couldnt grab a copy of the current indie gala for my birthday last week because my bank shut due to the snow and i therefore couldn't put the cash in.
I can't put it in this weekend because I have to look after my parents.
I'm not going to get a chance to sort things before the bundle closes now, so if anybody happens to have a spare key for Deponia, I would genuinely appreciate it.
I don't like asking here to be honest, but as I know plenty of people will be purchasing it, there may be a throwaway chance.

Thankyou for reading!

Edit: Deponia provided by the man in black himself! Cheers!
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IndieGala Happy Hour right now. Would really appreciate an indiegala magicka bundle :D
Well, I guess it's rly a low chance, but maybe some1 have spare key for Civilization V: Gods & Kings expansion laying arroud, I could give it a good home. :)
EDIT Thanks to Tarun!
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Would love to play Legend of Grimrock (Key from HIB7 would be awesome but doesn't matter)

I would also love to play Magicka and it's DLC if anyone has any extra keys or copies
I would love to get Sleeping Dogs while it's on discount.