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If anyone has a spare code of Painkiller: Black Edition or Europa Universalis III Chronicles that they don't know what to do I'll take it
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If anyone is feeling generous and has a spare Grotesque Tactics 2 code from BundleStars, I'd greatly appreciate it. :D
If anyone has an extra Europa Universalis III Chronicles key that he doesn't need, I'd be very grateful to have it..

Thank you!
anyone have a spare hinterlands key?
- Unused Half-Life Retail CD Key (the main thing I want)
- THQ Games: Company of Heroes series or Supreme Commander (I want to play them and I want to get them because THQ doesn't "exist" anymore)
- RoboBlitz
Thanks in advance! :D
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It may be a bit too late to post this now, but while the Magicka sale is still on, I'd love to get some of the DLC that comes with the base game, specifically:

Magicka: The Stars Are Left
Magicka: The Other Side of the Coin

And any other minor DLC. I only own the base game, and me and a few friends would love to open the game up a little bit, now that we have beaten the campaign and fooled around in the challenge modes :D.
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looking for a spare Grotesque Tactics 2 Dungeons and Donuts key if anyone feel generous
Been looking to see if anyone has any extra Steam codes from the HIB 7 since I missed it and wanting to play Shank 2 and Legend of Grimrock and look for the DLC's for Dungeon Defenders from the bundle, if anyone has them let me know I would really appreciate it.
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I am interested in Dungeon Defenders + DLC from HIB 7. I can also give Dino D Day (tradeable) to the person that has it.
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Sonic 2 and 3, now on deal on GMG :)
If anyone has one of those codes for europa universalis in their inbox and they don't have anything to do with it, I would really really love one
Hello! I am totally broke right now so naturally one of the games I've had my eye on - Terraria - is on sale for $2.49 briefly on Steam.

I would be eternally grateful to someone if they would gift me this game while it is so inexpensive.

Thanks and happy gaming! =)
If anyone has a spare key for Victoria 2 A House Divided from the mess-up at IndieGala and can't use it since they don't have the base game, I'd be interested.