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Asbeau: Any left? if not, thanks for bringing the game to my attention anyway, it looks right up my street. Wishlisted!
Last one, check your PMs!
Waldo_Sam: Love the artwork of the game. May i ask 1 key to play ?
Ah, sorry, I didn't catch this sooner. Out of keys now, unfortunately. Hope you'll forgive me!
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Rover Rescue


A2, A3, ??
DrLeatherface: Rover Rescue


A2, A3, ??
Taken... not by me anyway

? between 5 and 7
Why So Evil


> between 2 and 4
Hello, today I thought I might aswell try here since I'm having no luck in the trading thread and time is running out. I'm looking to try out Wurm Unlimited, since I saw it is being featured in Humble Bundle. Why? Because all my life I'v loved games that strive to make the player experience a world where almost nothing is just handed to you, instead, you must work for it, and train aswell so you just don't lose it when bad times come for you. That sort of gameplay most gamers call "hardcore" is the standard for me, as I always try to turn most of the games I play into a challenge either through mods or strict self RP walls stopping me from doing or using something depending on how I want to play at said time.

Also, because I love crafting games. I love the fact that you can pretty much craft anything in Wurm (or so I think from what I've read) as it reminds me of Fallen Earth, which I played for about 2 years before Gamerfirst decisions turned the game into a ghost of its former glory. I remember spending hours only gathering materials, crafting items to sell in the player driven market or to use them myself. It was a joy to come back from college or work and log in to find you finally crafted your first ATV key or something like that! Boy oh boy!

So when I saw Wurm in HB I thought that maybe, just maybe, I can have that feeling back in an online game no other could provide since I departed from FE.

I'm sorry for the text wall, I got a little carried away! :)

Anyways like I said, I'm trying my luck in the trading thread aswell so you might want to drop by and check what I have to offer, here!

That's it! Thank you for reading, cheers!