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I'm dropping by because there is not much time left, I'd love to get The War Z for me and my brothers (2 keys or atleast one should be enough so I can manage a way to grab the other one) while it is at 75% at Steam, I tried at the Classiefieds' Thread with no luck so far and time is running out. (Managed to Trade one with Darthprymus :B only need 2 now)

If someone would be kind enough to fulfill this humble request by helping me out atleast with one key I'll be on his debt for a long time, getting USDs is getting worse by the day here, don't let socialism take over your country lads, it's worse than regular cancer.

If you want to work something out (I'd prefer this) check my classifieds post here:


Just go through the links and you'll made it to the list, I'll update it in the following minutes so be sure to check it out now and some minutes later.

Cheers and huge thanks to every kind person in this community, have a nice weekend mates!
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I would take Still Life 2 (Steam key), if someone would kind enough to gift me one. :D[/s]

Just won one from a code-drop in the other thread (Ninja). :D
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if anyone has a key for Deponia they aren't in need of I could make use of it =) Thanks.

(I can also work out some form of compensation for the near future if need be)
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if anyone has a spare Post Apocalyptic Mayhem: DLC - Chaos Pack key they don't need I'll give it a good home
Edit: was trying to be funny -it wasn't.
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Long shot probably, but anyone have an extra key for Eets? :D Thanks in advance
Only 18 hours left before the Arcen bundle ends, I would appreciate it if you're feeling gifty.

I know the chance is pretty non-existant but if anyone has a key for Mars: war logs i'd really love to play it, thanks.
I have some STEAM gifts I would like to give out for free to the first people who PM me to claim them. Just give me your e-mail when you PM me and I can send them out to you that way.

1x Guest Pass: Shattered Horizon
1x Arma 3 Alpha Lite
2x 3-Day Guest Pass: Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad GOTY
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I've recently got into playing adventure games and managed to get Syberia here on the forums. So far I'm interested in the Still Life games, Nikopol and Syberia 2, so if anyone has spare keys for these I would be very grateful. By the way, I missed the Groupees Sherlock bundle, are these Sherlock games any good story wise? If you can recomend me good adventure games and point and clicks with great story such as Deponia, Geminie Rue, Resonance and Primordia I would be glad to hear your suggestions, take in mind that I prefer these adventures with a little sci-fi twist. Thanks in advance!
i just got the Ship from YellowAries who told me to thank Abolat, so, Thank you both very much :D
YellowAries: if anyone has a key for Deponia they aren't in need of I could make use of it =) Thanks.
te_lanus: if anyone has a spare Post Apocalyptic Mayhem: DLC - Chaos Pack key they don't need I'll give it a good home
Zorder: So far I'm interested in Nikopol.
I'll send your keys in a few hours via PM.
If someone have still life 1 spare key,that would be great :) Have second one.Thanks
Few pages later... if you feel generous I will be grateful for:

Dead Island Riptide (can be without DLCs)

Thank you.
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The sale is over but if someone bought a spare please consider this!



Also a little bundle if someone is interested:


Still Life & Still Life 2 or any other game that interest you for The War Z.

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