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I have now a good experience in the achievements of GOG, and over time I have encountered numerous games that have them completely broken, or that have fewer errors in their graphics or title, so I decided to make a list of all the errors that I have encountered so far.

If you have more bugs to report, you are welcome, and I invite you all to contact GOG and as well the relative game customer support to ask them to fix the bugs as soon as possible. I have already reported many of them, but very few have been fixed and many other achievements are still broken, so I hope that more reports can speed things up.

This thread serves as an aid to players and developers to improve the experience of the games, so please don't derail in off-topic discussions.

Patias has created a Discord server where we can discuss Galaxy achievements, bugs, and help each other with the more difficult ones, with a small growing community, you're welcome!

If you are even minimally interested in the achievements, please vote for these wishlists, they are of enormous importance to convince a dev or publisher that GOG users want the achievements for games that have them on Steam:

Achievement support for compatible games
Please add achievements for games that already have them on Steam
Achievements for Witcher 2
Achievements for Witcher 2 (another separate wishlist)

Missing Galaxy Achievements

This is the list of all the games that don't have the achievements on GOG Galaxy while they have them on Steam, and includes games with broken or partially missing achievements. Thanks to omega64 for creating the list framework.
As always let me know if you notice inaccuracies or errors.


Helpful hints:

- Master of Switches (During the puzzle the player must click on the "jump" option)

Evoland 1
Has achievements which the game keeps track of internally but provides no way for you to check what you have.
(Ask the developers to include the achievements for a complete gaming experience! support at shirogames dot com)

Mad Max
'Up to the Task' can't be completed normally anymore due to the servers being taken offline, which were required for two of the challenges. But it is theoretically possible to get this achievement by using a save game from Steam

Mark of the Ninja: Remastered
Achievements can fail randomly: probably if you are offline or if the game crashes after completing a level. If it happens you'll have to delete the save file and try again.

Mary Skelter: Nightmares
Save the game before facing a boss, because you may not receive the relative achievement at the first attempt.

Metro: Last Light Redux
- "Rabbit" and "Clean Escape" can be broken. Back up your appdata config file, then do a hard reset on both config files, then run as admin.

The Gateway Trilogy
- End Shift (It seems that no one has ever been able to unlock this mysterious achievement, and it's not known whether it's broken or not)

Achievements broken known so far:

Expeditions: Viking (support at logicartists dot com) (info at logicartists dot com)
- Hero of Northumbria
- Mountain of Madness

Nova Drift (
- Ludicrous Speed

One Finger Death Punch 2
Some achievements are broken:
- beat 150 levels
- beat the pixels bonus stage
- beat the cloud bonus stage

Predynastic Egypt
- Hospitable Host

Prey Maybe fixed
- Squad Goals
- No One Left Behind

Star Renegades Maybe fixed
- Short Seller
- Boardroom Raider
- Mobster Hunter
- Gangbuster

Super 3-D Noah's Ark
- Arkitect: Part 1
- Over the Hump
- Arkade Mode: Part 1
- Pain in the Neck
And many other achievements bugged.

The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky
Some achievements unlocks prematurely.

Train Valley
All unlocks prematurely:
- Collector
- Philatelist
- Juggler
- Mega-railroad

Wolfenstein: The New Order
At least half of achievements don't work. (Roll back for obtain them)

Achievements completely removed:

Breach & Clear (contact at fearthegun dot com) (support at breachandclear dot com)
- Also missing all the 12 achievements of Breach & Clear - Frozen Synapse Pack DLC (currently not available on GOG).
Celestian Tales: Old North (This guy worked on the achiev on Steam: cipto at ekuatorgames dot com)
Legends of Eisenwald (devs at aterdux dot com)
Moonlighter (techsupport at 11bitstudios dot com)
The Witcher 2 (Support Form)
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Not broken in the sense that you meant, but Evoland 1 has achievements which the game keeps track of but provides no way for you to check what you have.
The intention by the developers was clearly for people to look on their Steam account to see which achievements they have. Since it's not been integrated with Galaxy in the same way, there's no way for GOG users to see why the game says they only finished with 97.5% or whatever.
Celestian Tales: Old North has achievements that can't be attained at all.
Good to know, but shouldn't support\blues be contacted directly about this?
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so you want a list of all the stuff that gog has screwed up on purpose so far?
Achievements partially missing:

8-bit Armies
Missing 1 achievement:
- Justice Seeker

Aragami (contact at linceworks dot com)
- Missing 12 achievements of Aragami: Nightfall DLC (see image attached).

Battlezone: Combat Commander (Discord:
Missing 18 achievements for unknown reasons (see image attached):
- Novice Scrap Collector
- Expert Scrap Collector
- Master Scrap Collector
- Novice Building Constructor
- Expert Building Constructor
- Master Building Constructor
- Novice Building Destroyer
- Expert Building Destroyer
- Master Building Destroyer
- Novice Craft Constructor
- Expert Craft Constructor
- Master Craft Constructor
- Novice Craft Destroyer
- Expert Craft Destroyer
- Master Craft Destroyer
- Novice Sniper
- Expert Sniper
- Master Sniper

Craft The World
Missing 6 achievements:
- Monster from the Depths
- The Sphinx’s Riddle
- Two heads are better than none!
- Defeat the animal within yourself
- No one will help the green-skins!
- Those born to dig can also fly

Missing 1 achievement:
- Lucky ticket

- Missing 17 achievements of Drone Invasion DLC (see image attached).

Little Big Workshop
Missing 1 achievement:
- Lazy Pete

Minecraft: Story Mode
- Missing 18 achievements of Minecraft: Story Mode - Adventure Pass DLC.

Moon Hunters (info at kitfoxgames dot com) (Discord:
Missing 6 achievements (see image attached):
- The Final Victory
- Legendary
- Demigod
- Dancer
- Ancestral Artistry
- Chilled

Mutant Football League: Dynasty Edition
Missing 7 achievements:
- Blitzburgh Steelheads
- Cardinal Sins
- Motor City Maniacs
- Mile High Chronic
- Grim Bay Attackers
- Leaveland Burns
- Malice Hellboys

Offworld Trading Company
Missing 3+18 achievements:
- Algorithms
- Seat at the Table
- Off the Grid
- Drill x 100
- Surveying the Landscape
- The First Europans
- Branching Out
- Cave Dwellers
- The Search for Life
and many others

Party Hard (george.pinokl at gmail dot com)
Missing 1 achievement:
- Old Castle

Sword of the Stars: The Pit Osmium Edition
Missing 1 achievement:
- Game Night!

The Adventure Pals (Discord:
- Bake off (Roll back for unlock it)
Missing 8 achievements for unknown reasons (see image attached):
- Swordsman
- Cake Boss
- Tongue out of cheek
- Rejuvenation
- Headache
- Nine Lives
- Extinction
- Have my babies

Achievements working with errors in titles or icons:

- Cosmic Horror (Icons not obtained/obtained swapped)

BioShock 2 Remastered
- Litmus Test (Missing icon)

Blue Fire
All achievements are missing icons

CHANGE: A Homeless Survival Experience
All achievements are missing icons

Dead Synchronicity: Tomorrow Comes Today
- "Farenheit 451: You know how it is:" instead of "Farenheit 451: You know how it is: "Burn 'em to ashes, then burn the ashes.""

Deus Ex Revision (contact at dx-revision dot com) (This guy worked on the bugs of the game: bjorn at dx-revision dot com)
Many achievements are missing icons

All achievements are missing icons

- "City Explorer: Complete level 2 (New Whasington)" instead of "(New Washington)"

- Beginning (Wrong icon)

Gato Roboto
All achievements are missing icons

Phoenix Point: Year One Edition
All achievements are missing icons

Rogue Wizards ( at spellbindstudios dot com)
All have the wrong title

Slain: Back From Hell (andrew at andrewgilmour dot com)
- The Sky Was Falling! (Wrong icon, title and description but it unlocks correctly)

Star Renegades
All achievements are missing icons

Tainted Grail: Conquest
All achievements are missing icons

The Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing - Complete Pack
- "Trophy: Electriferous Beast-King" instead of "Trophy: Electriferous Beast"

The Long Reach
- "Felling Thirsty?" instead of "Feeling Thirsty?" (Grammatical error in the title)

Achievements missing because the GOG version lacks some feature:

A Hat in Time
7 Steam Workshop and multiplayer related:
- Unlimited Possibilities
- Community Contributor
- The Community Thanks You
- Life of the Party
- Party Planner
- Party Animal
- Challenge Road

1 Steam Workshop related:
- Commit and Push

Batman™: Arkham Origins
11 multiplayer related (dismissed also on Steam):
- Predator Paragon
- Killing Joke
- Fallen Knight
- Gotham All-Star
- Clutch
- Tales of Gotham
- I Like Those Odds
- Not An Ordinary Criminal
- Arsenal, Awesome
- Legend
- Know Thy Enemy

BioShock 2
14+1 multiplayer related:
- Unnatural Selection
- Welcome to Rapture
- Disgusting Frankenstein
- "Mr. Bubbles-- No!"
- Mother Goose
- Two-Bit Heroics
- Parasite
- Little Moth
- Skin Job
- Choose the Impossible
- Proving Grounds
- Man About Town
- Aqua Incognita
- Territorial
- Reincarnation

Blades of Time
1 multiplayer related:
- Out of My Way

Carmageddon: Max Damage
1 library related:
- Unholy Trinity

1 Steam Workshop related:
- Steamroll

Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
17 multiplayer related:
- Breach: something

Doom 3: BFG Edition
6 multiplayer related:
- Telefragged!
- Crushed!
- Berserked!
- Ninja Killer
- Clean Sheet
- 2 Deaths - 1 Gun

Mordheim: City of the Damned
9 multiplayer related:
- First Blood
- Rising Star
- Tactical Prowess
- Conqueror
- Testing the Waters
- Into the Fray
- Grizzled Veteran
- Battleborn
- /ragequit

Prison Architect
2 Steam Workshop related:
- Architect
- Warden

Project Highrise
2 Steam Workshop related:
- Mod Squad
- Experimential Experience

Redout: Solar Challenge Edition
1 multiplayer related:

Saints Row IV: Game of the Century Edition
1 official site (server down) related:
- Saintified

Sniper: Ghost Warrior
5 multiplayer related:
- Close Range
- Hold Your Breath
- Sharpshooter
- Supplier of Death
- Laurel Wreath

Sniper: Ghost Warrior 2
11 multiplayer related:
- Bloodstreak
- Pure Ownage
- The Sniper Elite
- Kill That F**ing Band!
- Blood And Tears
- Unhappy Camper
- U Can't Touch This
- Wrath Child
- Death Dealer
- Everything But The Kitchen Sink
- World Warrior

3 Steam Workshop related:
- Dream Sculptor
- Dream within a Dream
- Dr. Pierce's Protege

Supreme Commander 2
5 multiplayer related:
- Friends
- Good Friends
- Internet Commander
- Ranker
- Supreme Online Commander

This War of Mine (techsupport at 11bitstudios dot com)
2 War Child DLC related (for sale only on Steam for charity):
- Helping Children
- Street Art

Worms World Party Remastered
1 multiplayer related:
- Bazookanade

XCOM: Enemy Unknown Complete Pack
2 multiplayer related:
- Meet New People. Then Kill Them.
- Bubonic

1 multiplayer related:
- The Most Dangerous Game

Zombie Night Terror
2 Steam Workshop related:
- Starter Pack
- Creative Mind

(emails for contact support have "at" for "@" and "dot" for ".")

A big thank you to all those who have contributed so far!
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Alexim: Added Celestian Tales, but Evoland have a different problem, the devs should add the achievements entirely for a complete experience in this case.
I agree, it's definitely a different sort of problem, I just thought you might want to include it as it's still broken. I think the game released here long before Galaxy and achievement support were present so it's not entirely their fault (although having an internal achievement system with no way to check the achievements is a bit of a facepalm worthy move).
Party Hard: "Lol, Really?" won't unlock despite finishing all other achievements.
Ingsoc85: Party Hard: "Lol, Really?" won't unlock despite finishing all other achievements.
That's a known issue with the game. Some of the other achievements unlock prematurely but you need to max them all out to get the last one.

Of course we may not have that fix if the devs didn't send GoG the patch.

edit: Typo fixes on the last sentence.
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Bugged achievements... as expected another thing that could go wrong will eventually go wrong.
Game: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

The achievement "Turok: Treasure Hunter" cannot be unlocked

And it seems like the gog version misses 2 achievments from the steam version:
"Not Quite Mortal" and "Speedrunner"
Post edited May 14, 2018 by Chipso
DOOM 3 has impossible achievements since GOG had to remove the multiplayer component.
If you want achievements in Deus Ex Revision, you'll have to roll back to the previous version. They won't unlock in the latest version. Gog support has been notified and they have acknowledged the problem, but no ETA of a fix yet.
None of the Legend of Eisenwald achievements work, unless the developer finally fixed them (which I doubt since it was never mentioned in any changelogs).
Chipso: Game: Turok: Dinosaur Hunter

The achievement "Turok: Treasure Hunter" cannot be unlocked

And it seems like the gog version misses 2 achievments from the steam version:
"Not Quite Mortal" and "Speedrunner"
These new achievements are only in the beta branch, it's not in the normal game yet, so i guess when the beta will become the new version, a patch will be avaiable for gog version.
When i have Galaxy overlay and nvidia geforce experience overlay active, none of them works with shadow warrior classic redux. Thats not a problem because the achievements are still unlocked, but no screenshots possible....i did not try it with deactvated nvidia overlay tough. I deactivated nvidia and the galaxy overlay ist still missing, so its a game bug, but achievements works perfectly!
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