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Hello, fellow drifters!

We appreciate all the feedback and feature requests you've given us everywhere! As the community continues to expand across more and more platforms, though, it's becoming trickier to make sure all of your ideas get the attention they deserve. We want to make sure all of your ideas get seen. We'd also love a way for everyone to see which requests are the most popular and which are already planned or in progress.

We want to have one central place where we can gather feature requests from the whole community - Discord, Steam,, GOG, and any other platforms that the game may expand to in the future. As a result, we're moving to a single centralized platform for managing feature requests, called Feature Upvote: You can suggest your own ideas there, and upvote or comment on others' requests as well. In order to post, you only need to provide a name and email address (visible only to us) - no login required. New submissions require approval before becoming publicly visible, so don't despair if yours doesn't show up right away. Make sure to search whether someone has already suggested your idea before making a new post!

You can still make a separate post to brainstorm ideas you haven't fleshed out yet; when you think they're ready for "prime time", you should suggest your idea on our Feature Upvote page. You can also join our Discord server, where you can chat with Chimeric (the developer) or discuss your ideas with the community (in the #feature-discussion channel): We look forward to seeing what you think of next!

- V2Blast, Community Manager
Post edited February 26, 2020 by V2Blast