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You really shouldn't give this a pass.

King of Dragon Pass, the updated version of the seminal strategy/RPG with innovative storytelling, is now available DRM-free on GOG.com with a 50% discount until December 10, 11PM UTC.

Almost 20 years after its original release, the fantasy classic returns with a sharper UI and the lovely illustrations cleaned up to be more on par with modern standards. Its seminal worldbuilding and addictive gameplay are as absorbing as ever, plus the added content promises to give veterans extra incentive to return to this wonderful saga.

This is a free update for all owners of the classic version, which is now included in this as a bonus goodie.

Watch the trailer.
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majesiu: Lots of mixed opinions in this thread, I've just bought this gem and which version is better to play - old provided via .exe installer or the one that's currently in galaxy library?
Try both.

Neither really have much of a windowed mode (remastered has it but it's cruddy, the original only through scripts and launchers), and honestly the original is way better looking on a desktop whereas the remaster is better looking on mobile (I own a tablet with it). Also, there are various small things taken out of the original in the new version. Most of this sounds like extra micromanagement put into automation, but one notable thing is that you absolutely cannot win without raiding anymore. It was an odd choice that you need to really work at to accomplish, but it was an interesting one... and they called it a bug. Phooey!

The tutorial is a nice addition though with the remaster as a whole being kinder to new players, and if you're on OSX or have a bit of a problem reading the text size on a larger screen (both valid problems, though Wine is obtainable for the former) the new version is better off for you. There are also a few extra scenarios too IIRC.
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