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The violence of history.

RIOT - Civil Unrest is now available, DRM-free on with a 10% discount until December 13, 3PM UTC.
The city is about to erupt. All it takes is a single act of aggression, and this kettle of boiling emotions could overflow at any moment. Take the side of the protesters or the police and experience the chaotic riots that shook major cities all over the world, either through a full campaign or single scenarios. Then get involved providing feedback and useful suggestions, to help the developers fine-tune the game during its In Development period.

Note: This game is currently in development. See the FAQ to learn more about games in development, and check out the forums to find more information and to stay in touch with the community.

Watch the trailer.
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I will say I DID NOT have any bugs with Hatred, and I will also admit that my taste in games is questionable at best, I'm just speaking up because I'm getting weary of everyone pinning this whole mess on the game's subject matter.

It's a mediocre title at best. GOG has refused/accepted worse and they have refused/accepted better and at the end of the day that's all it is, just another game GOG refused, the void of any ethical or social agenda on their part.

Last night playing Saints Row 3, which I bought here and is still sold here, I beat someone to death with a giant purple dildo. I didn't even have to go find the giant purple dildo. It wasn't an Easter egg or something I needed a mod for, it was right there, waiting for me when I started the game. :P I seriously doubt GOG is sitting around refusing games because of subject matter they deem "offensive"
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fronzelneekburm: According to the FAQ the dev wants "the community to get involved. The plan is to update regularly and post on the game's community page on a regular basis."

It would be cool if the dev popped up in this thread, if only to confirm that he intends to regularly interact with gog users as well. (Would probably also help sales along...)
Well, I backed the game on Indiegogo back in 2013, the last I heard from the dev was a year ago, I wasn't even aware it would be released as an early-access game.

Now I'll try to get a GOG key, but I seriously doubt there'll be any interaction with people from here, I only got an email with steam key and asking to check steam's community hub =/
Well, I've wishlisted this for now, mainly because I don't buy games that are still in dev (it's a personal preference), so I'll keep it wishlisted until its final version.

Some seem to have a problem with the theme of the game, which I find odd (as others have done) considering some of the themes many games have. This isn't the first of its type. Some will remember Hooligans - Storm Over Europe which could also be described as a "riot" strategy game. Although, at the time, it did cause a fuss on release and some saw it as a "videogame nasty" but most saw it as just a game.

I believe it's abandonware now and can be downloaded freely. GOG should consider having it as a free game here.

Nor do I have a problem with the voxel style this new game has. A great many decent games share such a style and gamers take it or leave it.
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Riot simulator....?