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I picked my current screen name after having read The Illuminatus Trilogy. The A is just there because Fnord was already taken.
As for why I picked Fnord? F is the first letter of my first name, nor are the first three letters of my first surname, and d is the first letter of my second surname.
The last Shaolin_sKunk wasn't using it anymore.
Came 'round when I lived in student halls. Ran a server in my dorm room that I named Mnemon - as in, one who uses mnemonic techniques as the server 'memorised' data on my behalf [and that of other's]. And then I started playing CounterStrike over the LAN and as people knew me more by my server name than my real name it just kind of stuck :).
It's just the name (and character portrait) of one of my fantasy roleplaying characters. And that in turn was named after one of the two humans who survive Ragnarok in the Edda.
BastardSword was already taken. :p

Kidding. But it did start out as a RPG reference, brought over here from another forum when I discovered GOG a few years ago.
When I made the account I was in a hurry to buy the games and don't really have a story behind it other than perhaps the iron scene in Home Alone.
I wasn't really inspired at the time or I could have thought of something funnier. =/
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The Tale of Hamster Style :)

The intentional misspelling with a "p" comes from a commonly used slang spelling in the context of turntablists reversing the crossfader.
I still say you should change it to HenryFnord and have the Fnord Automobiles logo as your avatar!
All i wanted to do was create an acount, just that. BUT, every single username i try to use was taken. So i end it up pressing letters and this come up. That´s all folks :P
mine is an acronym
My German Shepherd Dog had just died at the age of sixteen when I signed on. That is really old for a GSD. We used to call him the iron dog because he just kept going and honestly I wouldn't have minded if he'd stayed forever. He was a great dog. So, it's sort of a memory.
I felt old when I signed in as I was nearing 50. Now that I'm 50 I don't feel that old anymore but what's done is done.

Other username stories:

Back when video games were played in arcades, the machines only took 3 characters for their high score list so a friend of mine decided on SLY for me when I beat the high score on some machine. (Don't remember which)

Then in the BBS days I became King Sly as Sly was taken on lots of BBS already or they did not take 3 letters name.

After that came the internet and the only forum I participated in was a Buffy The Vampire Slayer fan board, on this one I used my real first name: Sylvain.

After it went down I decided I'd rather use an alias after all so I called myself Talkertopc on Fark as my job back then half consisted of doing triage on defective computers at the rugged laptop manufacturer I worked for, I kept software problems for myself and sent hardware problems to the electronic technicians.

When I signed in here I did not expect to participate in the forums so instead of using something old I invented something new that told how old I felt.
Mine is the name of a sword from The Long Ships
White Elk was the name of a favored D&D character (a Druid/Ranger). Then was used in console games, beginning with the first Legend of Zelda. When time came to register for my first internet forums, i used it again. In the last 14 years on the net, it is the only name i use ('cept for facebook and twitter). Occasionally i have to use aWhiteElk 'cuz someone else took the name.
Theoclymenus is the name of a prophet in Homer's The Odyssey who foresees and foretells the homecoming of the great Greek warrior Odysseus in a haunting visionary utterance which predicts the horrible doom of the suitors of the wife of Odysseus, Penelope. Odysseus has been long gone, having fought alongside the other Greeks in the long war, and the suitors, arrogantly assuming that he is bound not to return, begin to press their claims to his property, including Penelope herself, while she, however, remains steadfast and loyal in spite of his long absence. It does not end well for the arrogant suitors ... This is one of the best and most moving stories ever told in my opinion and it can obviously thought of as a metaphor for so many analogous situations. This passage has always stuck in my mind. There are lots of "arrogant suitors" around these days ...