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I'm semi old-fart and I remember when computer gaming first started.
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Venhiem: Snip
Oh. I didnt see that but seeing that the last post was back in 2011, I guess its ok?
Hmm.. Originally, mine was "koimayeul".

Derived from the sound of a French social site, early Facebook of the 2000's called "Quoi Ma Gueule", litteraly "What My Mouth" (Face).

This is also a song from a famous French artist, Johnny Halliday but it was none of my reasons to create it.

With time, I got enough of the link with the song, and the "in your face" of my nickname.. I changed it to "kwamayeul". Maybe related to the Kwama creatures in Morrowind, but just a letters switching as far as I wanted.

Finally, it is also koima57 or kwama57, my state location in France having that department number.

Other nicknames I like to use.. Etherial, Govinda, Magicaldreamer, Grouny, Alcahest.. :)
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It's an allusion to the singer of Knorkator (Stumpen) and I first used it on a German board where everybody took himself way too seriously and people gave themselves only ultra cool and dark English nicknames. So - it was defiance.
Stumpen = cheroot
Klumpen = lump

PS: The 0815 was neccessary, because this site already had an (inactive) Klumpen.
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In the old days of the world wide web I used to go by ET, but then sites started putting a minimum size of 3 characters for usernames, so I added 3D because I was into 3D graphics (I still do some OpenGL programming these days). All in all I think it was fortunate, because ET3D is more unique and still short.
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kaileeena: Well I got the name from POP (Prince of Persia) series. If you don't know Kaileena is the name of the princess of time in the game :)
Ghorpm: AFAIR Kaileena is the Empress of Time ;) Farah is a princess. Not of time though but just India ;)
I meant to say Empress but got thrown off but the prince in POP :) thanks for the correction.
l0rdtr3k: name of my character when I played AD&D back when I was 4
Same here, it's the name of one of my characters, back when I was in high school during the 80'. I have used it since on a few RPGs forums
I was 15, and "K" and "W" sounded like exotic, "medieval" letters (they're very uncommon in french words), so I jumbled a name around them ^^
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Mine is short for Diseased Project, my internet persona / one-man-band moniker.
My early irc nickname was a play on my first name and last name, but somewhere along the line it changed shape to "Diseased". When I began writing music, which were remixes of video game songs at first, I added Project in there: I guess what I did was taking something nostalgic to me, and making my twisted version of it: hence calling it "diseased". So that's how my username/nickname came to be. Since I'm not a too big fan of promoting myself, but also as a way to "disguise" myself, I often go by DProject in most places. So no, DProject has nothing to do with Deus Ex. I haven't ever played that game, and I was honestly really, really surprised back when I was playing Deus Ex: Human Revolution and at the end an achievement called "The D Project" popped up. For a moment, I was like whaaaaat?
Mine's an odd one, as it combines an old nickname and a strange obsession I had when I was thirteen. The spoofer part of SpooferJahk is a nickname of unknown origin that my dad always called me growing up and the Jahk park came from my weird obsession with the word Ankh I had when I was thirteen. I just had an obsession with that thing thanks to Serious Sam and Timesplitters, which I was heavily obsessed with at the time.
I came up with it when I created an account for a web game 12 years ago.

I use it in many places.
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I got 0 creativity so I used my name and my country 3 first letters xD
I came up with mine because I actually liked the way it sounds in English and it's quite memorable for obvious reasons :)
I havent seen some of the people in there in a very long time. Thank you for posting that.
Being as tech savvy as Mother Teresa I thought I was signing in rather than picking my user name. And that's how I joined the "uncool guys using their real names online" club XD
JudasIscariot: I came up with mine because I actually liked the way it sounds in English and it's quite memorable for obvious reasons :)
I've always wondered about your signature. I guess it's carry over from when you where a costumer but it seems weird to me. I picture you sneaking around the GOG offices stealing The Enigmatic T', G-Doc and Freanchmonk's pencils.
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