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My brother made this name out of a delicacy here in Puerto Rico called Mofongo:

He just thinks its a funny sounding name :P
It's the title of a song by Love & Rockets. Great song from a great band. A little fun fact, the three members of Love & Rockets were also members of one of the bands that founded goth, Bauhaus.
My real life nickname is Hamude and I added "sir" for more class :)
Elmofongo: My brother made this name out of a delicacy here in Puerto Rico called Mofongo:

He just thinks its a funny sounding name :P
Hmm, I always thought of it as Elmo-Fongo, not El-Mofongo.

Maighstir. As for why; a friend started using "Dominus" as he thinks Latin is a good language to use in fantasy settings, while I disagree and more commonly use variations of Celtic languages, so I tried looking up the same word in a variation of Gaelic, the research finally ended at my username (not the exact translation I was looking for, perhaps, but looks good and doesn't seem all too common).
My username is from one of the first PnP DnD characters that I made in 1979
It was the name I used after trying all the versions of my name on the browser game kings of chaos back 10+ years ago:

( Which to my shock s still going...
Marvin the Martian was always my favorite cartoon character growing up, and I thought the way he ran was funny. He's from Mars + running = marsrunner.
Naruto the best anime ever.

His main enemy and rival is sasuke.
sasuke12: Naruto the best anime ever.
I sure like it, as my username reflects ;)
Parents gave it to me decades ago.
Mine is actually a Doctor Who reference, it is the name given to him during his school days. Oddly enough that's when the nickname came about for me as well. When I was growing up I was (still am) a huge Doctor Who fan and would watch as much of the classic series as I could get my hands on. I would constantly be fixing things for friends (most computer issues, but some electronics) and I would jokingly say stuff like 'the doctor is in" and they teasingly called me 'Doc' as a running joke.

Well I was signing up for an account in my college and it wouldn't accept any variation of The Doctor so I put the more obscure reference of "Theta Sigma" and it accepted it. From that point on it's sort of stuck with me, and I use it pretty often. It's nice but people tend not to recognize the reference, so when someone does I tend to be over the moon about it. :P
A great way to play some Good Old Games in the past.
Think it was just a name I thought sounded cool, probably made it when I was 10-ish for an MMO, been using it since.
Love race horses,so it was fitting for me to use this: