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Hi, everyone. Welcome to GOG Mafia game #64

This is a game of forum Mafia. Please don't post here unless you've been directed here from the sign up thread or PM, or were otherwise told by the mod that you should post here. Exception: anyone may make a single bump post if a player asks for it in the admin thread. You may also use an alt-user to make a bump post. The bump post should contain no game-relevant information.

Direct any queries you may have to the the the General Discussion and Administration Pages or to me via PM.


0. ZFR is the moderator for this game. If you have any issues, contact him via PM.

1. Cryptoclaiming is forbidden.
(In short, cryptoclaiming is having everyone fullclaim in some sort of, preferably nearly unbreakable, code, which makes it all but impossible for the mafia to win.)

2. Betting among players is strictly forbidden.

3. Real Life issues and situations should and will always take priority over what happens in the game. If a player presents a real life issue as a reason on why they need a bit more time or are temporarily unavailable to partake normally in the game that reason should be accepted and respected by everyone else (including the mod). Everyone should always treat real life problems/situations in a gentlemanly manner and never try to make accusations or gain leverage in the game based on that. If these issues become too overwhelming the incapacitated player should inform their mod and ask for a replacement as soon as possible or if they are unable to do so the mod should take steps in finding a replacement for them. Everyone should be playing the game for fun and treat each other with the necessary respect. Therefore we shall always assume that every real life reason for inefficient participation in the game is 100% real and has to be taken as such. We shall also count on everyone playing the game to show proper respect and sportsmanship to their fellow players and the mod by never abusing this "free pass". If someone is caught taking advantage of everyone's good will they will be immediately allowed to find another place to play forum mafia.

4. This is a game of lying. Players are expected to lie. No statement or promise a player makes within the game has any force outside the game. As an example, a bet offered in a game is not something you can collect if you win (see also Rule 2). An exception to this is Real Life issues, as per Rule 3.

5. Have fun and enjoy the game. While shouting at each other is expected in a game of Mafia, please remain civil to your fellow players.

6. Please bold any questions you have for me, so it's easier for me to see them. You may use bold for other reasons (like stressing a point) but please avoid doing so excessively.

7. It goes without saying that discussing this game outside this thread is prohibited.

8. Do not edit your posts for any reason. Remember there is a forum feature that automatically merges posts made within 10 minutes. There is also a forum bug which prevents your post from appearing sometimes when it should appear on a new page. Making a second post in this case after less than 10 minutes can cause your post to be merged and appear edited.

9. If you die, stop posting in this thread. A single "bah" post is allowed. Your "bah" post should not contain any game-relevant information.

10. You are expected to make a post at least once every 48 hours. If you need to be away for longer, please let me know in advance.

11. Please do not directly quote your role PM or any other communication with me. You may post your Name (and House) and Role, but anything else has to be paraphrased. Note that simply changing "a" to "the" is not considered paraphrasing. When in doubt, ask me first.

12. You may discuss the (paraphrased) flavour of your role PMs, or any technical details that are related to gameplay, but you may not discuss technical minutae that are not gameplay related. For example asking someone if their PM mentions them allowing to target themselves is OK since it's gameplay related. However asking for the exact spelling of their role, or the timestamp at which PM was received is not.

13. If you do something intentionally in a way that goes against the spirit of the game, you will be penalized. When in doubt, ask me first.

14. Breaking rules, depending on the severity of the infraction, can get you modkilled at my discretion. Getting modkilled can be hazardous to your health and usually means you lose regardless of whether your team wins or loses. It's also bad in general. Please don't get modkilled.
If there are extenuating circumstances, a modkill may not result in a loss, and a modkilled player may still win if their faction wins. Please note that not reading or forgetting the rules is not considered an extenuating circumstance.

15. Once a majority votes for a player, that player gets lynched. No amount of unvoting is going to help them.

16. If no majority vote is achieved before Day ends, then no lynch takes place.

17. Playing Age of Wonders 2 instead of Mafia is not allowed.

22. You have to read the rules before playing.

Notes on the game:

The game is Harry Potter themed, but will contain no spoilers (beyond the very obvious; you all know Harry is a wizard, right?). Please do not include any spoilers if you roleplay.

The game won't contain any recruitment/cult elements. Nobody's winning condition will change throughout the game.

The game is divided into General Casting Phase during which you cast your votes, and the Special Casting Phase, during which no posting takes place here. If you don't like flavour, you can call it Day and Night.

To vote you can cast the Votus spell on somone. A valid vote has to be bolded and stand in a separate line by itself. Like so:

Votus Bookwyrm

You may also cast any other spell. You may even put it in italics to make it more spellsy. But it still needs to be bolded and in a line by its own, like so:

Wingardium Leviosa bler

To unvote, use the Unvotus spell. Again bold and in a new line. Remember though that you don't need to unvote if you wish to vote on someone else.

Finally, you may Votus Dumbledore. Doing it has no effect since Dubledore is immune to such nonsene, but if enough people do it, the General Action Phase will end. i.e it is the equivalent of voting for a no-lynch.

Note that standard Mafia vocabulary like "vote", "unvote", "no-lynch"... etch will be accepted too. If you insist on being boring.

Except for names (and Houses), anything in flavour is just fluff. Specifically, don't look in flavour text for reasons someone was killed. This might be intentionally misleading. For example, if your flavour says that you attempted to kill someone, but you saw that another player cast a shield in front of them, and next Day you see that the target is still being alive, do not assume that he was protected by a Doctor. He could have been bulletproof. Or you could have been roleblocked. Or either could have been jailed. Or bus driven, or commuted. Or any other of myriads of ways that can prevent a kill.
If anything is not flavour it will be clearly stated. Usually bolded. When in doubt, ask me.

Finally, even if you don't know anything about Harry Potter, there is one thing you should know: Slytherin are the bad guys. In this game, they are equivalent to Mafia. So if your PM says you're Slytherin (Watcher of or otherwise) do not go shouting about it in your first post. I won't be doing any REDACTED for you. Remember, Slytherin is the new Kalunga.
Same goes for names. was not used in this game. Physical dice were used for all randomising. You can thank Joe who suggested d20 for my C9++ game. See attachment.

Sample role PM
Welcome, adaliabooks. You are Harry Potter (Gryffindor), Vanilla Townie.
It's no wonder you were chosen for the Tournament being the precocious child that you are. You're sure you're going to beat everyone else, even students or faculty members with years more of experience. That Votus spell might be good for the little people, but it sounds like it's beneath you. Instead you're going to cast something special. Like that Ego Sum Stultus spell you read about somewhere.
Non-flavour version:
You're Vanilla Townie. Yadda yadda yadda. You win when all threats to Town have been eliminated and at least one Town player is left alive.

Useful link:
Check the above for mafia information

List of subs:
dice.jpg (244 Kb)
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This post will contain list of players, with their roles as they get revealed and links to relevant posts.
If you're reading this in the future and would prefer to maintain the surprise, skip to Post 3.
List of Players:
1. SirPrimalform - Pansy Parkinson (Slytherin), Mafia Goon. Killed N2.
2. yogsloth - Gregory Goyle (Slytherin), Mafia Compulsive 1-shot Role Cop. Lynched D3.
3. trentonlf - Seamus Finnigan (Gryffindor), Vanilla Townie. Lynched D4.
4. Lifthrasil
5. FlockeSchnee - Professor Flitwick (Ravenclaw) Vanilla Townie. Lynched D2.
6. JoeSapphire - Peeves the Poltergeist, Conditional Serial Killer. Lynched D5.
7. Carradice - Minerva McGonagall (Gryffindor), Townie Compulsive 3-shot Jack Of All Trades (Neighbour) Killed N4.
8. RWarehall - Cedric Diggory (Hufflepuff) Townie Macho Compulsive Bodyguard. Killed N1.
9¾. GameRager - Cho Chang (Ravenclaw), Townie Epic 3-shot Cop Killed N4.
10. ConsulCaesar
11. sanscript, replaced by Microfish_1 - Percy Weasley (Gryffindor), Townie D4 Innocent Child.
12. joppo
13. PookaMustard
14. agentcarr16
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"Welcome, dear students. Another year has ended. The forces of darkness have been defeated yet again. It's time for the traditional, end of year Uniwizard Tournament.

As you know, earlier this week the Goblet of Fire has chosen 14 people from among students and faculty members to participate. Some of you have voiced concerns that from hundreds of candidates it has chosen the usual suspects, those that appear in the Books (whatever these are). I can assure you that the selection was impartial. There aren't nor ever were any cliques at Hogwarts.

The rules are simple. We've prepared polyjuice potions from 14 members of GOG community. Each participant will drink one of those potions. This way no one will know who is who. Somewhere on this Quidditch field we've hidden a powerful artifact: The Snorting Hat. Your job is to find it. You may use your broomsticks (the hat could be flying) and spellcasting is allowed of course. In fact we've prepared a special spell for this occasion: the Votus spell. No one is sure what it does but if a large enough number of people cast it on a person, something might happen. I'd like to note that this might perhaps be the first time that the Quidditch field is used for a non-moronic activity.

Now, it is well known that the four Houses of Hogwarts are all equal. But some Houses are more equal than others. It is therefore fitting that Slytherin were put on a team, and pitted against the other houses combined. It might look like it's one against three, but in reality we know that after all only Gryffindor really matters. Plus, unlike the other team, Slytherin probably know their teammates the cheaters that they are.

Let's get the game started."

Dumbledore sits down, and nods to Madam Hooch, who sounds her whistle. The game is underway.
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*An ungainly figure in a long black cloak rises from a seat near the front of the grandstand and raps a cane on a nearby chuck of concrete.*


"Now attention, all ye knumbskulls and ankle-biters!

"I'm only a sub(stitute teacher), but I want your attention! I shall turn it back to our Head anon."

*He again raps loudly on the concrete.*

"Thank you. When classroom time comes, if it does, I want you to all sit down at your desks and keep your mouths shut! Yes, YOU! I'm talking to YOU!

"If you want to speak, raise your hand and I or someone else will call on you! No switching seats with your neighbors! I know some of you have played this trick in the past, thinking that your teachers and classmates weren't batting with a full wicket, and it SHALL NOT be tolerated!

"Now, I turn it back over to Professor ZFR, our eminent head of this department."

*The black-cloaked gent sinks into his seat and resumes his air of nonchalance while sipping from a steaming mug of Red Rose Tea.*
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Microfish_1: front of the room
We're on a quidditch field.

Game has started. You may post now.

To all the new players:


Please pay particular attention to rule 11 about no quoting PMs. Unlike other minor infractions which usually only get you a warning, this one almost always leads to instant modkill due to its gamebreaking potential.

Also be careful about double posting leading to an edit.

These seem to be the most often broken rules.

Have fun and enjoy the game.
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ZFR: We're on a quidditch field.

Game has started. You may post now.
Er, thanks. Fixed.
Also, thank you for the chance to make that post!
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Me Baka, Watcher of Kalunga

Hocus pocus Lifthrasil
I am boring

Vote yogsloth

He’s always scum
Expelliarmus joppo

You showed in the watcher thread in last game how shrewd you are. With a wand in hand, you are just too dangerous! Also: welcome to the game!
Flubbuccus Lifthrasil!

I know it's bad form to vote a man while he's down, but I've let my guard down with him before, and I won't be doing it this game!
Votus Conputatio

Lift 2 - Pooka. Joe
yogs 1 - trent
joppo 1 - Lift

Everyone else - 0
Not voting - everyone else

14 players remaining - it takes 8 to lynch.

When you see a vote count, please check that your name is against the right person.

General Casting Phase 1 will end Friday/Saturday next week.

Le me know if anyone needs an extension.
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JoeSapphire: Flubbuccus Lifthrasil!

I know it's bad form to vote a man while he's down, but I've let my guard down with him before, and I won't be doing it this game!
Interesting. Is this paranoia? Or do you KNOW that you're in a different camp than I am.

Tell me, how do you feel about snakes?
I'm Crabbe, from Slytherin. Who are y'all?

I'm going to go read the rules now.
agentcarr16: I'm Crabbe, from Slytherin. Who are y'all?

I'm going to go read the rules now.
Petrificus Totalus agentcarr

Perhaps you should have read the rules first. You just outed yourself as scum.