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Let's try this.

I've got a xenonauts gog code and would like to trade for games from the sale or any others with an approximate value of 5$, which would include:

Pier Solar and the great architects.
Space Quest (1 to 6)
Shadow Warrior (remake + original)
Wings of Prey.
Don't Starve.
The book of unwritten tales
Mark of the ninja.
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Another bump before the sale ends:


Back to the Future: The Game
Betrayal at Krondor Pack
Broken Age: The Complete Adventure
The Dig
Megarace 1
Sam & Max save the World
SimCity 4 Deluxe Edition
Tales of Monkey Island
Wasteland 2 Digital Deluxe Edition (looking for a more-or-less equal value trade here, preferrably one or more titles from my want list below)

I also have a ton of Steam codes. For a full list, see here


I'm interested in these titles in particular:
Dvinity: Dragon Commander
The Escapists
Massive Chalice
Masterplan, The
Metro: Last Light Redux
Sword of the samurai
The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

And here is my wishlist.

Finally, this is the list of people I've traded with
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Last bump for the sale

Trade Lists

- Xenonauts (GOG)
- Humble Bundle Steam Games

Looking for:
- Sam & Max Pack (GOG)
- GOG Wishlist offers
I want:

Gemini Rue
The Shivah
Beyond Good & Evil
Thief Gold
Amneisa: A Machine for Pigs

I have:

GOG on Sale:
Blackwell Epiphany
The Runaways
Broken Sword Saga
Deponia Trilogy
Telltale's Sam & Max

Steam Key:
Tropico 5
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The Shivah
System Shock 2
Sin Gold


Willing to trade multiple Steam Keys just name what you desire also can work in a GOG game to the trade if the math works out for both of us :)
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Thx to Grargar for directing me here.

Anyone from Europe or North America willing to trade me Resident Evil 4 for a 10 eur/usd of your choice on Steam? RE4 is censored in my region :(
Lego Batman
Double Dragon Trilogy

Dungeon Keeper Gold
Magrunner: Dark Pulse
Omerta: City of Gangsters (4 DLCs included)
Overlord + Raising Hell
Penumbra Collection
Red Faction
S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Clear Sky
Sacred 2
Serious Sam: The First Encounter
System Shock 2
The Bard's Tale
Tiny & Big Grandpa's Leftovers
Vertical Drop Heroes HD
plus numerous Steam keys

For a list of people I've successfully traded with please CLICK HERE!
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One last little bump here before the sale ends, I hope the trading thread has treated you all well!

I'm interested in the following GOG games:
Lichdom Battlemage
Risen 2: Dark Waters: Gold Edition
Sacred 2: Gold Edition
Saints Row 2
Saints Row: The Third

You can see what I have to offer as well as a list of people I've traded with by clicking HERE
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I've been meaning to post here the last couple days but been too busy. Now with the sales winding down, time might have run out.

I'm looking for Pillars of Eternity, Wasteland 2 Classic (here or Steam) or Shadow of Mordor (Steam). Not asking for much right :).

In return on Steam I have Sleeping Dogs, Max Payne 3, GTA IV, Inversion, Homefront, a few Warhammer 40k games and some other things I dont have written down in front of me at the moment. Most of these are Amazon purchases but some are steam inventory gifts. None are from bundles even though a couple of those have gotten bundled recently.

And on GOG I have
M&M bundle (Heroes 1-5, Might and Magic 1-9, Crusaders of M&M, Heroes Chronicles).
Cyberpunk Bundle (All 3 Thief games, Deus Ex GOTY, Deus Ex 2: IW, Anachronox)
Ultima Bundle (Ultima 1-6,8,9 and UU 1+2)
City Builder Bundle (Caesar 3, Lords of the Realm: RE and 3, Lords of Magic, Pharoah+Cleo, Zeus+Poseidon)
DnD Bundle (Baldurs Gate 1+2, PS:T, NWN:DE, IWD 1+2, ToEE, Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone, Dragonshard)
Alpha Centauri
Master of Magic
King of Dragon Pass
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thanks to Dragonfly2012 for a great trade :)

Also bump
Thanks McHack23 for helping me out!
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A generous trader that mchack. An pleasure to do business with you, as always. :)