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Thanks to cmdr_flashheart for smooth trading! :)

I have
Settlers II Gold ed. remaining from the sale and would flip it for Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon or anything else off my wants.
I found out I don't have the Humble Bundle RPG Maker pack, so I'd like to trade for that as well.
Psyringe: Thanks to cmdr_flashheart for smooth trading! :)
Same to you!

Updated list,
EDIT: nevermind, please ignore me
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Creeper World 3 (indiegala)
Ibomber Pacific (indiegala)

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I have Tex Murphy: Under A Killing Moon for trade.

I would love surprise offers in my mailbox, that will make the trade more fun. :)

Also, I have Torchlight if it helps sweeten the deal.
I have Sir, You Are Being Hunted on GOG.
I don't really want a specific game, so make me offers.

I accept Team Fortress 2 Refined Metal

From recent bundles:
- Kromaia
- Cloudbuilt
- Tulpa
- TRI: Of Friendship and Madness
- Hello Kitty and Sanrio Friends Racing
- Putrefaction
- Hush
- Nightfall
- Luckslinger
- Sudeki
- Hydraulic Empire
- Spirit of War
- Sparkle 2
- Crowntakers
- Edge of Space
- Trapped Dead: Lockdown
- Polyball
- Aces of the Luftwaffe

Old greenlights:
- Social Justice Warriors - IG Greenlight 4
- Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord - Kiss my Bundle
- The Tiny Tale 2 - Groupees BAGB7
- Tower of Eglathia - Groupees Shinyloot3
- Aquadelic GT - IR Debut 14
- Toy Wars Invasion - IR Debut 15
- In Exilium - IGS / IR Debut 18
- Fractured Soul- IR Turing

From old bundles, promos and greenlights:
- BorderZone
- Bravada
- Capsule
- Chariot
- Countless Rooms of Death
- Crash Time 3
- Damned
- Deity Quest
- Delver
- Enemy Front
- Fat Chicken
- Goscurry
- Interloper
- Lantern Forge
- Light
- Rex Rocket
- Road Not Taken
- Rock Zombie
- rymdkapsel
- Spy Leaks (desura)
- Stained
- Strike Suit Infinity
- Ukrainian Ninja

I am willing to trade multiple keys for games that I want.
All keys are originated from my purchases, I don't retrade keys from other people.

traded with mavilla, ne_zavarj, Madmate, Accatone, Heretic777, triock, kalmis666, buckstone, Arianus, benderz, rodrolliv, Crsldmc, yinan, Giltonnam, roygbiv309, DarkoD13, PandaLiang, adambiser, swordtut, d456, Khaleesia87, yarow12, m0gb0y74, 23rd, gogbot, undeadcow, ZPavelZ, shayne3, gbaz69, theslitherydeee, chezybezy, IAmSinistar, RedOctober1984, KiPhish, Momo1991, ggf162, SpaghettiLord, NoNewTaleToTell, axela74, roelibex, Leroux, hellmonster67, genkicolleen, hitclub, dyscode, Aveweto, cmdr_flashheart, Ghorpm, Suzaku-sama, Impaler26, Stooner, carnival73, ChocoboSlayer, chean, Christoph89, BillyMaysFan59, Garrett24601, skimmie, Psyringe, madth3, hummer010, apehater, amagarr, Getcomposted, fronzelneekburm, AcidFlux, vervaine, friendofcabbage, KoreaBeat, Grargar, amund, Magoxx, pirateoftheah, Celton88, HeadphonesON, SugeBearX, WildHobgoblin, vizolover, pablodus, X-com, cardangrille, jcosmocohen, blarth, JasmineMcCoy, koima57, HeDanny
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If anybody needs Torchlight, I could trade my extra copy... not really looking for anything specific though
Updated my trading list again.

Psyringe: Thanks to chean for smooth & friendly trade. :)
Thanks to you as well! :)
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Thanks to alexkoti for smooth trading. :)
Thanks for another helpful trade undeadcow!
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