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I'm sick of waiting after kicking myself for not buying them earlier, and starting to get worried I'll miss them before the 20th / 30th so...


Knock, Knock
UFO Aftershock


Any closely priced game on Flash at the time you PM me - maybe you bought either of the ones I'm looking for and have second thoughts, maybe you're sick of $2 charges on your card and want something else - help me out! ;)
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While part of daily deal I'd like Heroes Chronicles (GOG) and will trade 5 games for it; see also other possibilities:

Thanks to Jcoa for a recent trade.
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Click here for a full list.
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Steam Gifts:
BioShock 1
Frozen Synapse
Red Faction 1
Red Faction 2 Key:
Torchlight 1

Humble Bundle Steam Gift Link:
Dear Esther


Willing to see trade offers

Successfully traded with: theslitherydeee
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Thank you, madth3, for the trade!
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adambiser: Thank you, madth3, for the trade!
Thank you!
I would like "Syndicate Plus" and "Syndicate Wars" ($0.89 in the current daily deal bundle) in exchange for any game/s from my trade list. Thanks. ^^
Thanks to dyscode for going above and beyond to make our trade go smoothly. :)
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[url=]Woud like[/url] (GOG or Steam)
Heroes Chronicles
Another World
Papers, Please

Little Big Adventure 2
Shattered Haven (GOG)
Rogue's Tale (Steam)
Faerie Solitaire (Steam)
And a few other bundle keys
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Looking to trade for from the Flash sales.
Red Faction
Paper's Please
Rune Classic
Sir, you are being hunted

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Hey, I'm offering Torchlight to anyone who missed it! If you have anything you'd like to trade for it, just PM me. I'm mostly interested in Omerta since I missed it, but I'm open to whatever anyone has to trade! :)