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Post edited September 09, 2014 by Barry_Woodward
I want to purchase the leisure suit Larry game and love for sail for 15.98 but I have a card that does not work overseas (where GOG is based) so I will buy a steam game/games for equal or similar value(up to $20). Can someone help me out?
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Rocket Knight (Steam)

[Have] Go HERE for my list.

Also, I have Steam games for trade via Steam or I can buy TF2 keys. Let me know!
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I'm looking for (in order of preference) from the current Valhalla Bundle @ Bundlestars

Valhalla Chronichles
Soldiers: Heroes of World Ward II
Theatre of War
7.62 High Calibre

or The Whole Valhalla Bundle


And I would like from GamersGate currently on offer (10 hours left):

Disciples 2 Gold Click here

Neverwinter Nights 2 Complete Click here!


From the IndieGala Grotesque Bundle (12 hours left):

Robin Hood
Grotesque Tactics 2
Avencast: Rise of Mage

Or let me know by PM and Post Reply when it's the Happy Hour on this Bundle and the extra copy I buy will be for you! :)


Alternatively here's what I can offer for these games:

Click Me! I am willing to give away many items for these games... yikes! =D
Thanks BlackThorny for the smooth trade.
BUMP my offer before the GOG deal ends.
my updated trade list
I have added new keys to my have list and I will also bump my want list before the weekend promo ends.
Post edited September 08, 2014 by Grargar
Bumping the list, in hope for some action from current GOG promos. Looking for:
Stronghold HD
Evil Genius
Far Cry
Beyond Good and Evil
Runaway: A Road Adventure
Ground Control Anthology
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bumping my Steam H/W post
And... another bump for my want post. :D
Want from current promo:
Mob Rule
Imperial Glory

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Thanks to samlii for the gift. Quite unexpected but greatly appreciated! :-)
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